Status Update 27 :: Website Upgrades = Better Performance

Only just a few days shy of this year’s Winter Solstice here in beautiful Australia, and, as one of my favourite times of year, especially after the recent website coma hiatus, I am delighted to say that we have now completed a number of upgrades and enhancements.

The fact that the site is back up and running properly is purely thanks to the dedicated team at GoDaddy, who I have stuck with for many years and thoroughly recommend, and I especially give huge accolades and credit thanks to for the practical tuition and assistance in getting things functioning properly again. Thank you!!!

The site seems to be running better and faster than before so, despite going technically offline for a time, all in all a good thing and a definite step forward in my understanding of all things website / WordPress / Woocommerce related.

Back to the mood boards and the visions of beautiful products ~ I dream in colour, pattern and texture.

Enjoy the Winter Solstice … falling on a Full Moon this year no less!

Beachcomber ~ IDSD iNSD Blog Hop May 2023

Welcoming all Blog Hoppers on the IDSD Blog Hop. Introducing the Beachcomber Mini Collection: bringing your special moments of taking care of yourself as you spend time at the beach, examining your inner world, your feelings, taking care of your health and especially your mental health, as you go beachcombing or simply be as you drink in the salty ambrosia of sea air, doing things that you love. Discovering or rediscovering your powerful capacity to bless yourself with unconditional positive self-regard. In keeping with the fresh, invigorating qualities of being at the beach, all your beach themes are equally well served by the modest array of elements and papers in this tiny seashore treasure trove; guaranteed to provide you with digiscrapisfaction or double your pixels back! Hop on board now: this will only be available as a FREEbie until 20 May.

What is the Best Software for Digital Scrapbooking?

The image is the blog post featured image for the tutorial Digiscrap 1040 "What is the best software for Digital Scrapbooking?" in the Learn Digital Scrapbooking: Start Here with the FAQs series.

The question about what the best software is for Digital Scrapbooking is one that comes up often, especially when you are just starting out. The crucial requirement is that the software supports layers enabling the various papers and elements to be layered, aka stacked, within the layout being created. But, today there are numerous options for choice of software, so where do you start? In this post we look at a number of options ranging from closed system through to multi-versatile…

Status Update 26 :: Three and a half years later…

Its been 3½ years since the site first opened.

During that time, in the continual quest to create the best customer experience, we’ve tried a whole bunch of WordPress plugin installs, found many to be absolutely awful and some were even “What was I thinking!”, followed by summary uninstall. As a result a large number of the images and particularly their permalinks here on the site are now messed up.

So, finally, we are doing something about that and going through every page and post, again, and clearing all the guff from the CDN cache.

Site functionality is otherwise unchanged and the store is operating as normal, but many images have been damaged and are now in the process of being replaced. The task will take some time to be fully completed.

However, we WILL be back in full sRGB in-gamut digicolour soon and definitely before we launch the next blog hop in the first half of May.

Thank you for your patience ~ see it all soon.

Status Update :: Celebrating our 100th

Toot! Toot! We just turned 100! Reached 100 Fans & Followers on Facebook that is! Thank you!

To celebrate, the gorgeous Charcuterie Collection has just been extended with another totally adorable Addon: a gorgeous Bouquet Selection of little flowers, buds, leaves and stems.



Facebook Fans & Followers: please keep your eyes peeled for the special offer.

Status Update :: IDSD Blog Hop End Date EXTENDED

A really quick heads up: here at Anita Richards Designs we have decided to keep the IDSD Blog Hop FREEbies going so please be our honoured guests and keep on hopping on until 28 February 2023.

Aaaaaaand …. this weekend we are releasing another little set of goodies exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. The newsletter blast will start going out within the next 24 hours from now so make sure that you’re subscribed to be included.

Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox.

Happy hopping ~ see you soon my lovelies!

Charcuterie ~ IDSD Blog Hop February 2023

Charcuterie Mini Collection IDSD Blog Hop, blog post featured image.

Welcoming all Blog Hoppers on the IDSD Blog Hop. Introducing the Charcuterie Mini Collection: bringing your special memories of celebrations with good food, well loved family and close friends to luscious life. In sparkling style this digital scrapbook kit makes all your heritage scrapbooking and modern themes equally well served by the modest smorgasboard of elements and papers … a visual feast of eye candy with zero calories, guaranteed to ensure guilt free satisfaction! Hop on board now: this will only be available as a FREEbie until 15 February.

Christmas 2022

Anita Richards Designs | Featured Image | Christmas 2022 ownWORD 2023

Greetings Dear Friends. In wrapping up Christmas and counting down to the year’s end, we have a review of the year 2022 and how we used the focus word FLOURISH to grace the year gone. We now turn to focusing, nurturing and reflecting on the power of KINDNESS into the year ahead … sharing some of the rambling musings in the annual Open Letter epistle for Christmas 2022. Join me on the blog for a glimpse of what happened this year. Andiamo!

in the archivesVAULT ~ Romance is Timeless Petite Collection

digiscrappingTODAY Show Episode 0000: Transcript and Resources page cover image. Also, the featured image for the blog post discussing the inspiration and creative process behind Romance is Timeless Extended Collection including the finished digital scrapbooking layout called "Dance With Me".

Re-introducing the Romance is Timeless Petite Collection; a beautiful and whimsical digital scrapbook kit, it was first released in 2012 as a freebie in a Designer Challenge. Remastered and expanded with brand new pieces, the Romance is Timeless Petite Collection is now available again as a FREEbie through the archivesVAULT. Be sure to follow through to receive this FREE gift with our compliments.