Open Call: Cheerleaders, Proofreaders, Creatives

Anita Richards Designs | Featured Image | Team Anita Richards

Super quick post to let you know about the open call for Cheerleaders, Proofreaders & Creatives. Once you become a Team Member you will have …

#Rollup4WA: Jab Day

Anita Richards Designs | Rollup4WA: Jab Day

It has been a very long time since I last live-blogged an event. This day is probably like no other day ever in terms of personal significance and as a life altering event. I am a tumultuous mess of emotions as I remember a similar scene from when I was a little girl as my … Read more

sketchPLATE Saturday 0009

Hey hey hey! Can you believe that January is almost done and dusted already? I have been full on getting things accomplished and, weirdly, I am feeling a teensy bit sad that most of the month is already marked off. Nonetheless, today I have a new sketchPLATE for you and true to the name sketchPLATE the inspiration for this template comes from a haute cuisine plating photograph would you believe!?! I love the fine art of haute cuisine and have tried a few plating experiments of my own over the years … lots of practice still ahead…

Christmas 2020

Anita Richards Designs | Christmas 2020

Posting this from deep within the digiscrapping trenches: it has been months since I last posted, obviously, so let me fill you in on the happenings highlights of this year and what is coming next.

sketchPLATE Saturday 0007

featured image sketchPLATE 0007

It almost feels as though August pounced upon us yesterday and yet it is, incredibly and for all intents and purposes, over. Which leads us directly to another sketchPLATE Saturday. Time for a brand new, completely unique digital scrapbooking template! In many ways, the sketchPLATE for August is all about that glitter!…

NEW Release :: A Circle of Friends Monograms

A Circle of Friends :: Featured Image

Following on from yesterday’s post … if you’ve been into the Design Shop over the last month you will have noticed that there is a new release out. The A Circle of Friends Alphabet Ensemble hit the store on a lovely day when I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about family and having friends. I am seriously in love with this set! Here’s a short history behind this set’s creation…

NEW Release :: One Day at a Time Petite Collection 2

featured image one day at a time

If you’ve been into the Design Shop over the last couple of weeks you will have noticed that there is a new release out. The One Day at a Time Petite Collection 2 hit the store on a lovely weekend when there was a teensy little bit of sunshine outside and I gotta say that I am pretty chuffed with it. Designed to coordinate with and extend the iconic One Day at a Time :: Petite Collection, this follow-up Collection is in part inspired by the life changing events and experiences of the year 2020 thus far…

FREE with purchase: Just Me Petite Collection

FREE With Purchase: JMCP

A super quick post to let you know that, for a limited time, I have added the Just Me Petite Collection to the Design Shop as a FREE With Purchase item. Please use the following coupon code when you check out…

sketchPLATE Saturday 0006

Featured Image: sketchPLATE Saturday 0006

Here we are in July already and it is time to welcome you again to sketchPLATE Saturday! The sketchPLATE for July is based on the idea of a five-up rows of shaped / partial horizontal colour blocking composed of slightly irregular paper pieces with a vertical strip of four photos for visual contrast, drawing the layers of colour blocks together into a cohesive layout (yes that was a…

Some Good Old Fashioned Blogging

Featured Image: Hello World!

Sometimes it feels as though the world has just gone mad … maybe it’s because it’s 2020, and we all know what madness that means! Then again, maybe it’s because I have started spending a little time on Twitter lately. Maybe a little too much time.
So today I decided to change things up and started doing this…