About Anita Richards Designs

Anita Richards is a digital scrapbooking designer, eclectic creator, novice podcaster and affiliate marketer. Anita is a person with big ideas and a passionate ambition to make a / create a better way of traveling across the face of the earth.

Since launching her digital scrapbooking brand way back in 2005, at the invitation of talented and truly amazing business partners at NaturalDesignsInScrapbooking, Anita and her creative team members have developed thousands of original digital scrapbooking files, templates, and tutorials to empower others who want to learn and create family memorabilia art.

While the blog freebie digikit Baby’s First Christmas (to be remastered) is where this all began, Anita’s journey has seen her involved with some of the industry’s most notable sites, including: ACherryOnTop, DigiScrapDivas, DigiShopTalk, Oscraps, PickleBerryPop, and TwoPeasInABucket.

Previous websites include: AnitaStergiouDesigns.com 2006-2009, DesignByAnita.com 2009-2013, and JustDigitalCalls.com 2007-2009.

The current web address, AnitaRichards.com.au, is set to boldly grow into the future, having been launched in 2019 as the new online space for the brand.

Anita is most passionate about helping others light their creative passion and celebrate joy through digital scrapbooking, reawakening the artist that lives within us all. She dreams in colour, pattern, and texture.

Today, Anita Richards Designs operates as a full service e-commerce store providing digital scrapbookers with a unique range of expertly-crafted, digital scrapbooking art supplies, teaching the craft through expert tutorials, podcasts, videos and blog posts, taking you from sub-zero to digiscrap hero.

Learn more about Anita’s digital scrapbooking journey here.

Here’s to continuing onward and into a new JOUR*ney!