Layout: My Prince, My Heart Page 2

Layout: My Prince, My Heart Page 2

This was the second page of my first layout which was a two-page spread. My younger son was only a few weeks old in these photos and only a few months old when I started Digital Scrapbooking.

Stumbling across TwoPeasInABucket was one of life’s most serendipitous moments for me, one that set me on the path of graphic designing … and for that I am forever grateful.

Looking at this page now I am amazed at how far my scrapping style has evolved and yet in some fundamental ways, I still scrap with the same eye it’s just that technically I have a better handle on the basics … like adding drop shadows to the photos. 😆

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  • I have absolutely zero idea on the Credits for this page as everything was lost in a hard drive crash. Whoever you are … THANK YOU! With all my 💗

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