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The sketchPLATE Saturday Show

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This is the sketchPLATE Saturday Show, with Anita Richards.

Hostess: Anita Richards

Hello there and welcome to the first instalment in our sketchPLATE Saturday podcast series. The sketchPLATE Saturday Show.

00:11 I’m actually recording this quite a number of months down the track after posting the first sketchPLATE Saturday post on the blog and of course the sketchPLATE that was made available to everyone for free download. That was way back on 4th April 2020 as we were just entering into the worldwide pandemic and we were just a couple weeks into the stay at home / lockdown phases and I was desperately trying to get this website going and sales happening and building up a fan base and everything that goes along with it.

00:56 So. We’re now at the 20th April 2022 and we’re still in the worldwide pandemic. Although, thank god, we have now got a vaccine and certainly here in Perth nearly all of our entire population has been double vaccinated. Big blessings. We have been so blessed here in Perth we’ve just … it’s just been amazing.

01:24 So, be that as it may, looking backwards at sketchPLATE number 1 and just wanting to add some commentary to this particular sketchPLATE, two years down the track. Actually much further down the track actually because I originally created this layout that was the focal point, the starting and jumping off base point for the sketchPLATE, at least two years prior to posting sketchPLATE Saturday number 1. So, there you go, that was a really convoluted way of saying that this layout dates back quite a number of years.

02:05 So, this first layout was reasonably simple. I absolutely adore creating layouts with one of the photographs as the main focal point of the background. And … Because it’s a two photo layout with a minimal number of embellishments, it’s really quite sweet and simple in so many ways and I wanted to keep the focus on both the colours of the sunrise and I’ve got to say that this photograph really doesn’t do any justice whatsoever to the complete ambiance of that particular morning. It was just absolutely pure magic! The reflection on the water was almost 100% identical to what I was seeing in the sky. It was just magnificent on every level.

02:58 And, because I wanted to keep that photograph as the main drawcard for the layout I decided to desaturate the subject, the human subject, the humanising aspect of this particular layout which is the photograph of my two sons in the kayak. We had rented that kayak so that the boys could get out onto the river and have a little paddle around. It was so early in the morning and it was really really cold, it was down at the bottom end of Western Australia which was … it wasn’t tooooo cold, but it was certainly … there was a touch of frost starting to develop in the air, in the early autumn morning.

03:44 So, be that as it may … The layout: I decided to place a small kind of a frame around the main photograph, the sunrise photograph in the background, and it was just a simple framing exercise using the straight stitching that I having some of my sets and I loved that the reflection, the colours that were spilling across the water, so I decided to bring in three glass bead style brads and the photograph of my sons was just perfectly framed in a Polaroid style frame. And, because I love my sons so much, I wanted to add a heart motifs on the top. The two tags, my two sons, one for each of my sons, so there’s a little bit of symbolism in there on a number of levels. And so, there it is the sketchPLATE that was the introduction to the new sketchPLATE Saturday series.

04:56 So there we have it, Sketch plate 01, or 0001 I should say, that’s my new numbering system on these. The free downloads for this sketchPLATE have well and truly ended. However, it’s now available as a product in the design shop. So, please go and take a look at it. Add it to your cart and check out! and I will see you again very shortly in the next episode of sketchPLATE Saturday Show.

05:30 Thank you so much for listening in today.

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Thank you for listening to the sketchPLATE Saturday Show, the number one show for digiscrappers who want to take their skills to the next level.

The sketchPLATE Saturday Show is the pod all about preserving life stories through the art of digital scrapbooking.

Anita Richards Designs Finial Downwards

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  • Anita Richards Designs: Unreleased photo frame and tags; sketchPLATES Collection :: No.0001; and, Books are Golden Collection (to be revamped) bling, flower, glitter heart, stitching.
  • Font: Bradley Hand ITC.

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Anita Richards Designs decorative ornament


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