Dance With Me

The image shows a beautiful couple dancing (c.1930) in the promotional Digital Scrapbook Layout, titled Dance with Me, showcasing the Romance is Timeless Petite Collection digiscrap kit product available now as a FREE Gift via the archivesVAULT Treasure Hunt at

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Invoking the Grace of Yesteryear

Working on the Romance is Timeless Petite Collection and the accompanying Sampler Selection, I was inspired to scrap a vintage style heritage page using the kit.

Sadly, I have very few vintage family photographs; the ones that I do have are currently in storage. Stumbling upon this photograph on Wikimedia Commons was pure serendipity. The depth of satisfaction that I felt in scrapping this page and admiring the completed page is difficult to describe; I sincerely wish that I had more vintage photographs to work with, especially those of my own family.

The Romance is Timeless Collection is a beautifully whimsical digital scrapbook kit, with misty warmth and shadowy esthetics, contrasted with rich pink purple and green tones, grounded by earthy browns and sepia. Working the layout canvas with this kit brings that warmth and richness to the now, evoking the mystery of years gone as one considers the lives of our forebears.

Looking forward to scrapping more heritage pages.

Post-Processing & Photo Manipulations

This photograph possesses such a high degree of quality to its capture / preservation / restoration that there was little that needed to be done to bring it to life on this page. Having said that, I opted to crank up the contrast somewhat so that the eye is immediately drawn to the light radiating from the image.


With unknown subjects in this photograph, I opted to forego including journaling in the composition of this page.


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