Digital Scrapbook Layout: One Little Word (ownWORD) 2020: BUILD

Digital Scrapbook Layout: One Little Word (ownWORD) 2020: BUILD

This page is the visual image created for my One Little Word for 2020: BUILD. It was around four years ago that first I came across the idea of the One Little Word, a term coined by Ali Edwards, and this is the first layout created to capture that focus word. The first few years I used the same word over and over … LOVE … because it is such an all encompassing one.

So on the foundations of all that I have done to learn what it means to truly LOVE, this year I will now BUILD on the foundations of LOVE.

This time next year, I plan on posting that this website is fully functional as an ecommerce platform for Digital Scrapbooking. i heart u

Do you have a One Little Word? What is it? I would dearly love to know.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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