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Newsletter Alert & Status Update 1:27pm Saturday 29 January, 2022
Newsletter subscribers would have received the latest issue of The Blank Canvas this morning, showcasing sketchPLATE 0010. However, I was up super later last night working on getting everything finished ready for downloads and I clean forgot to say: EXISITING CUSTOMERS: please re-register your account. The old customer database has been uninstalled and old account ... Read more

Status Update 2:31pm Friday 7 January, 2022
For the last couple of weeks I have been steadily working my way through existing posts and images, and optimising everything as I go, from basic wording (spelling and grammar checking too) right through to automating some of the repetitive text. The process is well in hand and almost complete. The login for the shop ... Read more

Status Update 11:52am Friday 26 November, 2021
Super quick post to let you know about our Open Call for Cheerleaders, Proofreaders & Creatives to join our Team. Once you become a Team Member you will have …more information

Status Update 7:42pm Tuesday 19 October, 2021
Design Shop: After numerous external delays, serious health hiccoughs, family matters and more than a few steep learning curves, it would seem as though the new Design Shop software is finally functioning. There are still a number of tests that need to be completed to ensure that everything is running smoothly. However, that process should ... Read more

Website Announcement 2:08pm Sunday 18 April, 2021
Good news: The way forward for the Design Shop has been resolved!  Currently all products and coupons are being migrated to a new to me cart system. The cart, or so I understand from the documentation, seamlessly integrates with WordPress. So please bear with me a little longer whilst the process is completed.

Status Update 8:14pm Tuesday 30 March, 2021
Unfortunately, COVID persists and for me the last three months have been a whirlwind of “busy doing other things” to say the least. The glitch discovered in the Shopping Cart checkout system persists also and I just haven’t found it within my capacity to sort it out… yet. So, the shop downloads are currently offline ... Read more

Status Update 12:42pm Thursday 3 September, 2020
There has been a glitch identified in the Shopping Cart checkout system where a small amount is displaying as a Grand Total. This glitch applies to international customers only and is ONLY a display error. You will not be charged the GST if you are not an Australian resident. More information about this known issue ... Read more

Status Update 12:27pm Tuesday 25 August, 2020
Here comes the sun! But … Still experiencing intermittent interruptions thanks to cloudy days that are compromising the steady supply of power to my off-grid system. sketchPLATE Saturdays are still once monthly for the time being and wednesdayWISDOM is still on hold until further notice. As always, thank you for your patience and understanding during ... Read more

Status Update 3:15pm Saturday 18 July, 2020
Well, they say that nothing lasts forever and that is definitely true when it comes to the sun in the sky!  Still experiencing power shortage limitations which are directly impacting production. However, the winter solstice has already passed now so things are steadily improving. sketchPLATE Saturdays are still once monthly for the time being and ... Read more

Website Announcement 12:12pm Friday 15 May, 2020
COVID-19 Limitations: Currently I am experiencing power shortage limitations which are directly impacting production. To manage this, I am restricting wednesdayWISDOM and sketchPLATE Saturdays to once monthly only until the Australian winter months are over. OR until such time as I am again able to access electricity in public facilities. Thank you for your patience and ... Read more

Status Update 1:56pm Saturday 9 May, 2020
… aaaaaaaand we’re back! Detecting a few minor, albeit annoying, issues with some of the downloads. Stay tuned to your inbox for details.

Status Update 5:18pm Friday 1 May, 2020
Continued deepest apologies: the car-tastrophic equipment dysfunction that is causing a delay is currently in the process of being resolved. aka the solar-tech-gurus are on it. Hopefully everything will be back to normal shortly and … as I’ve said in previous website status updates … I shoulda multiplied my initial estimate by four and added ... Read more

Status Update 11:39am Wednesday 29 April, 2020
Deepest apologies, wednesdayWISDOM will be a little delayed this week. There has been an equipment dysfunction that is causing a delay. 😔 Hopefully everything will be back to normal shortly and this week’s wednesdayWISDOM will be live either late tonight or early tomorrow.

Website Announcement 3:22pm Friday 24 April, 2020
Yay! The Home page redesign is mostly completed. Just a few more things to add now but the basic structure is now complete. I am reasonably happy with how it looks although … I can already feel complete site redesign itching to be started. #DesignerProblems 8D

Status Update 11:23pm Sunday 5 April, 2020
The technical glitch with the Shop Downloads has been resolved. If you have an order that you were not able to download please use the Contact page to submit a request for assistance.


Anita Richards Designs decorative ornament


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