Status Update & Website Announcements

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Status Update 27 :: Website Upgrades = Better Performance 5:57pm Thursday 20 June, 2024
Embracing the winter solstice with a revitalised website, thanks to the dedicated support of GoDaddy and Perplexity AI's practical guidance. We are experiencing enhanced performance and speed after a successful server migration, paving the way for a vibrant future filled with captivating new designs for your digiscrapping pleasure.

Status Update 26 :: Three and a half years later… 2:55pm Tuesday 21 March, 2023
Its been 3½ years since the site was first opened for business, starting today, a complete image stock take and reinstall is now in progress in preparation for the May 2023 IDSD Blog Hop.

Status Update :: Celebrating our 100th 6:00pm Wednesday 15 February, 2023
We finally turned 100! Reached 100 Followers on Facebook that is! Thank you everyone! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the gorgeous Charcuterie Collection has just been extended with another totally adorable Addon: a beautiful Bouquet of flowers.

Status Update :: IDSD Blog Hop End Date EXTENDED 8:00pm Saturday 11 February, 2023
Hoppity hop hop, we’re still offering the IDSD Blog Hop FREEbies plus this weekend there’s a new release exclusively for our newsletter subscribers.

Status Update :: Blog Hop FREEbies 9:32pm Wednesday 1 February, 2023
Hoppity hop hop, announcing the IDSD Blog Hop is hopping and will also be stopping here until 15 February 2023.

FREEbie alert! Romance is Timeless Petite Collection 6:30pm Tuesday 6 December, 2022
Happily announcing that the shelves of the archivesVAULT are now starting to be filled ~ the remastered Romance is Timeless Petite Collection is the first of our FREEbie offerings. See you on Saturday. Enjoy!

Status Update :: New Kit in Production 7:15pm Monday 12 September, 2022
Happily announcing that a new kit is currently in the design phase: That’s My Boy. Plus: updates on the server migration, new customer account registrations and logins, and new content delivery network provider.

Status Update :: Server Migration 4:23pm Friday 26 August, 2022
A quick Status Update advising that there is a website server migration in progress in order to resolve technical problems.

Status Update :: scrapSNAP Duo Double-Header 6:00am Sunday 10 July, 2022
A Status Update to introduce our newest design offerings: meet the gorgeous double-header of scrapSNAP Duo No.0002 and scrapSNAP Duo No.0003, available in-store now.

Status Update :: New Releases 10:05am Saturday 18 June, 2022
Introducing our newest design offerings: Lucky 13 Collection, Lucky 13 Alphabet and sketchPLATE 0011 are available in-store now. Newsletter subscribers ~ keep an eye out in your inbox later today for your exclusive sketchPLATE Saturday free download coupon.

Newsletter Alert & Status Update 8:13pm Saturday 11 June, 2022
A quick heads up: Lucky 13 & sketchPLATE 0011 will be available in-store from Saturday 18 June 2022. Take a look at the sneak peak. And make sure that you are subscribed so that your coupon code lands in your inbox next week.

Newsletter Alert & Status Update 1:27pm Saturday 29 January, 2022
A brief Status Update advising the publication of the latest newsletter, information about shop customer accounts and new cart installation final stages PLUS new product, sketchPLATE 0010, is now available in the Design Shop.

Status Update 2:31pm Friday 7 January, 2022
A quick Status Update advising that we have been steadily working our way through existing posts and images, and optimising everything as we go, from basic wording (spelling and grammar checking too) right through to automating some of the repetitive text. The process is well in hand and almost complete. However, the login for the shop is still a little in the air ... the customer database as it exists has been uninstalled, and we will be inviting everyone to re-register soon. Look out for the email alert.

Status Update 11:52am Friday 26 November, 2021
A super quick Status Update post to let you know about our Open Call for Cheerleaders, Proofreaders & Creatives to join our Team.

Status Update 7:42pm Tuesday 19 October, 2021
A quick Status Update advising that the new Design Shop software is finally functioning. There are still a number of tests that need to be completed to ensure that everything is running smoothly. However, that process should be resolved fairly quickly.

Website Announcement 2:08pm Sunday 18 April, 2021
A quick Status Update advising the way forward for the Design Shop has been resolved! Currently all products and coupons are being migrated to a new cart system.

Status Update 8:14pm Tuesday 30 March, 2021
A quick Status Update to advise that, unfortunately, due to the COVID emergency persisting and a whirlwind of “busy doing other things”, the glitch discovered in the Shopping Cart checkout system persists also: shop downloads are currently offline.

Status Update 12:42pm Thursday 3 September, 2020
A quick Status Update advising that there has been a glitch identified in the Shopping Cart checkout system where a small amount is displaying as a Grand Total. This glitch applies to international customers only and is ONLY a display error. Customers will not be charged the GST if they are not an Australian resident.

Status Update 12:27pm Tuesday 25 August, 2020
A quick Status Update advising that we are still experiencing intermittent interruptions thanks to cloudy days that are compromising the steady supply of power to my off-grid system. Therefore sketchPLATE Saturdays are still once monthly for the time being and wednesdayWISDOM is still on hold until further notice.

Status Update 3:15pm Saturday 18 July, 2020
A quick Status Update advising that we are still experiencing power shortage limitations which are directly impacting production. However, the winter solstice has already passed now so things are steadily improving. sketchPLATE Saturdays are still once monthly for the time being and wednesdayWISDOM is on hold until further notice.

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