Layout: Kayaking the Franklin River

Layout: Kayaking the Franklin River

This was a morning of major significance as it marked the second day that we were on the road at the very beginning of our Great Australian Road Trip.

The day before we had explored Albany and the boys realised that they actually enjoyed being tourists although we were all rather uncomfortable as we had very little in the way of camping gear with us apart from some sleeping bags.

The raw file of the background photograph is nowhere near as spectacular as it appears here, but I was inspired to crank up the saturation and light levels after seeing the automatically generated Google version … the addition of Vicki Stegall’s paint stroke angled across the page added emphasis to the light of the sun rising reflecting from the water, of the new day, new beginnings, which is exactly what was happening for us as a family.

Desaturating the photograph of my sons as they were kayaking adds non-competitive differentiation between the focal points of the page and the use of minimalist elements keeps things calm in keeping with the calm feeling of peace emanating from the background photo.

Layout Credits:

  • Anita Richards, unreleased photo frame and tags.
  • Kristin Asgard, bow.
  • Vicki Stegall, paint stroke brush.
  • Amanda Yi, hearts.
  • Font – Bradley Hand ITC.

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