Layout: Climb A Tree

Layout: Climb A Tree

I have always held the view that kids climbing trees is an essential childhood activity. I have so many fond memories of climbing trees from my own childhood, spending hours at a time in the top branches making a “nest” to rest in … the old Silky Oak in my Nanna’s backyard was nothing short of gorgeous.

My younger son in particular is given to climbing trees; my older son does too, but not so much as Taran. Here Taran was attempting a rather robust tree with a stout trunk in a park in the heart of the corporate district in West Perth, not far from where my offices used to be when I was running a bookkeeping business.

It’s almost ironic that one of my staff back then said to me I was “so ready to have a baby” but at that time I just couldn’t ever see myself as a mother being so embroiled in chasing after clients and all. Yet in this photo not only do I have TWO children but I was home schooling them!

Funny how things work out sometimes.

I tried to capture the earthiness of the playground environment and the strength of the tree in this kit and bring to life the mystique that children imbue in their play born of their imagination. The cloudy sky in the photograph brought a lovely ray of light into the woodsy shadows of the page and I supported that stark contrast with the flowers and the notepaper accent for balance.

Some more of the background story that formed part of my design process: I named this kit Jungle Drums which is actually in honour of my son’s father who was battling terminal cancer at that time. Jungle Drums was a dream that we had for a home based business. The dream was ended though …

Life is cruel sometimes and yet it still goes on; in truth we are immortal and live forever through our children.

Layout Credits:

  • Anita Richard, Jungle Drums Mini Kit.

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