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Just a pic of me.Anita Richards Designs business services are tailored to meet your specific goals.



Since the early 1990s I have been working with digital photographs and imagery. That early interest was sparked by the creation of my first pen and ink logo whilst studying marketing and business communications at TAFE in the mid-1980s.

The adventure into digital imagery and content creation continues right here as I pursue my passion for family heritage and memory keeping through the niche market of digital scrapbooking.

Overall my experience in design has led me into specialised creative work that I like to call Eclectic Frou-Frou. I LOVE working with feminine imagery.


The Objectives

The overarching business objective here is to provide vibrant, colour filled creative services, leveraging innovations in imaging technologies as they appear.

Additionally, I love working up business cases and financial modelling; I have the capacity to develop strategic plans that scale.




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Creative Talent

Are you looking for a quirky addition to your team of creatives who works outside of the box? … let’s talk!

E-commerce Solutions

Are you ready to pivot and transition your business into the online marketplace and want a look that is different to all the rest? … let’s talk!

Business Planning

Do you need to get real with your goals and develop a strategic plan? … let’s talk!


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