NEW Release :: One Day at a Time Petite Collection 2

featured image one day at a time

If you’ve been into the Design Shop over the last couple of weeks you will have noticed that there is a new release out. The One Day at a Time Petite Collection 2 hit the store on a lovely weekend when there was a teensy little bit of sunshine outside and I gotta say that I am pretty chuffed with it. Designed to coordinate with and extend the iconic One Day at a Time :: Petite Collection, this follow-up Collection is in part inspired by the life changing events and experiences of the year 2020 thus far…

sketchPLATE Saturday 0006

Featured Image: sketchPLATE Saturday 0006

Here we are in July already and it is time to welcome you again to sketchPLATE Saturday! The sketchPLATE for July is based on the idea of a five-up rows of shaped / partial horizontal colour blocking composed of slightly irregular paper pieces with a vertical strip of four photos for visual contrast, drawing the layers of colour blocks together into a cohesive layout (yes that was a…

Some Good Old Fashioned Blogging

Featured Image: Hello World!

Sometimes it feels as though the world has just gone mad … maybe it’s because it’s 2020, and we all know what madness that means! Then again, maybe it’s because I have started spending a little time on Twitter lately. Maybe a little too much time.
So today I decided to change things up and started doing this…

sketchPLATE Saturday 0005

Featured Image: sketchPLATE Saturday 0005

After a bit of a break due to imbalance of power issues (aka my batteries are not charging properly) … welcome back to this month’s sketchPLATE Saturday! The sketchPLATE for June is a little more visually complex than the previous one in that the layering is based on four blocks in a grid on the page. When I was pencilling out the draft a couple of months ago I was playing around with the idea of adding…

Maybe … Next Time

Featured Image: Next Designer 2020 Contest | Maybe Next Time

Well … for me the Next Designer 2020 contest is already over before it started. Unfortunately I got slayed because my downloads don’t meet the contest rules. Ah ok, no biggie. To be honest, I’m both sad but also a little bit relieved since the issue with power access has raised itself as a thing ~ time to get some more e-juice flowing in my location independent setup. Just in case you missed it, here’s what I came up with for the contest…

sketchPLATE Saturday 0004

Featured Image: sketchPLATE Saturday 0004

Happy Saturday morning everyone and welcome back to another instalment of sketchPLATE Saturday! For today’s sketchPLATE I decided to create a birthday themed page in honour of my Logan’s birthday. Logan is my miracle child having been born 15 weeks prematurely, so his birthdays are a very big deal for me every year … every day actually … but especially on his birthday. Here’s what I came up with to celebrate…

wednesdayWISDOM: sweat, determination and hard work

Get some diggiscrapping moxie on during this #SocialDistancing phase of our lives with this week’s wednesdayWISDOM inspirational quote from Colin Powell, who’s long spanning military and political career leaves me a little in awe of his dedication to cause and country. This quote motivates me to work smarter in everything I do. What thoughts are prompted for you by Powell’s words.⁠..

sketchPLATE Saturday 0003

Featured Image: sketchPLATE Saturday 0002

Welcome back to another instalment of the all new sketchPLATE Saturdays! Today’s sketchPLATE is a sweet little number to showcase a photo with a backing of five skinny paper strips. The single photo is framed with an embellished cluster to draw the eye to the right of the page from the negative space along the left hand side providing the counterpoint of focus to the photograph’s subjects…