#mYpentAx - A zany Digital Scrapbook Layout rescrap celebrating the acquisition of my first dSLR camera.

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The day that I picked up my new Pentax® from the camera store was a momentous occasion indeed. I had been paying off the lay-by on it for months and was so happy to finally have it in my hot little hands.

So, in the tradition of all scrapbookers when getting their new cameras, I took the mandatory bunch of selfies of me holding my new toy.

Fast forward 14 years (yes really, 14 years), today 2 January 2020 I decided to re-scrap this photo.

Unfortunately, this photo was one of the ones that has been lost over the years … easy fixed. I cropped it out of the original layout .JPG. When I first scrapped this page I ran the Virtual Photographer® filter over the photo so to complement the bright-darkness of the contrasts in the pic I decided to fill the page with a feeling of softness, with loads of moody shadows.

Overall I love the feel of this page, almost retro-heritage.

Layout Credits:

  • Anita Richards Designs: All Things Wild, [sc name=”floriade’] ribboned flower bow re-coloured, [sc name=”friendship-alpha”] and [sc name=”friendship-swirls”], [sc name=”alma-mater”] stamped photo frame, [sc name=”books-golden”] bling brads, [sc name=”retro-sass”] glittered photo frames and torn velum strip; and
  • Font: Josefin Sans

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Anita Richards Designs Finial Layout Post

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