Iggle Piggle

Iggle Piggle - A Digital Scrapbook Layout reminiscing upon my younger son’s love of the tv series, In The Night Garden, when he was very young.

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My younger son Taran was obsessed with Iggle Piggle® from the kids’ television show In The Night Garden® when he was little!

I wanted to bring the object of my son’s affections to life on this page: Taran had memorised the storybook that his Dad and I would read to him at night and could read it back to us at age 3, he had a HUGE Iggle Piggle teddy bear on his bed, he had a bath-washer version of Iggle Piggle, as well as could talk along with the narrator in the DVD he had.

In creating this page I decided to go for a fun little exercise in using a shape as the anchor for my journaling using a text path in Photoshop. I was going for something simple that would be a frame around the central action of the page, which was the television in the photograph.

Interestingly I learned that photographing an older model television screen was pretty darned hard, the image was a blur of lines in the original photograph. Manipulating images is a speciality of mine though, so I melded a computer screenshot that I blurred to match the depth of field in the image and placed it over the television screen to rectify the image. Also, I custom created a charm of Iggle Piggle from another photo to pop on top of the television set charm on the page.

A nice finish all up, really.

Layout Credits:

  • Anita Richards Designs: [sc name=”urban-kitsch”] television set charm (not the Igggle Piggle charm) and bracket photo frame; unreleased cardstock background papers
  • Designers Unknown: chipboard alpha and typekey alpha (files lost in computer hard drive crash); and
  • Font used: unknown (file lost in computer hard drive crash).

Thank you for viewing this layout.

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