Where do I get Digital Scrapbooking kits?

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Getting started in Digital Scrapbooking can be as simple as adding a photo to a word processing document, typing up some journaling to add to it and then printing the finished page. However, when we talk about digital scrapbooking as a serious and dedicated hobby, we usually think of the type of scrapping that involves further embellishing pages with professionally designed graphics, in other words, the sets of decorative papers and other elements otherwise referred to as digital scrapbooking kits. At first, it is often difficult to know where to buy good quality, legally designed and offered kits. In this post we discuss some of the different types of digital scrapbooking kits that you might like to use, where you can get them and why choosing to buy kits is an important decision to support the local small businesses that produce industry level quality designs.



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