Picking Olives

Picking Olives - A Digital Scrapbook Layout recalling a single moment as my younger son reached to pick olives from the tree at the end of the path.

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This photograph of my younger son picking olives in the backyard was kind of an awkward one to scrap. The lines on the fence in the background were in conflict with the angle of the path and the slant on the trunk of the olive tree.

So rather than try correcting the image I decided to create a visual “v” on the page with the angle of the background papers leaning in the opposite direction.

Being an olive tree I was inspired by the label on a bottle of olive oil that I used to buy and teamed that with a simple olive leaf vine patterned set of flair resulting in a beautifully textural page nicely capped off with the shine of the flair.

Turned out very nicely, even if I do say so myself.

Layout Credits:

  • Anita Richards: [ard-mediterranean].
  • Font: unknown, file lost in hard drive crash.

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