Hello World!



Just a pic of me.

Welcome to the all new Anita Richards Designs website.

It is exciting to be starting this new space and I’m anticipating a great journey here.

Briefly, I will be using YouTube® and SoundCloud® to enhance and support the user experience in this space from time to time.

YouTube is going to be a work in progress down the track but SoundCloud is good to go now and I have uploaded a few samples of my podcasts over there. I will, however, be keeping all podcasts hosted here on the blog. More on that in the future.

For now though, if you would like to put the sound of my voice to my work, please be my guest and listen in on this brief sound byte:


Anita Richards Designs Finial Podcast Inline


And of course, from the business perspective, here’s a quick elevator pitch:

Inspiring women (~ men too) to create beautiful works of art that celebrate and preserve their precious family memories and life stories.

Adoring what I do because it empowers my patrons to effortlessly dream up and bring into being elegant and stylish art, knowing that all my designs are lovingly crafted to suit their needs regardless of the subject theme.

Welcome one, welcome all.

Enjoy! i Heart u



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