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Last Updated: 19 May 2022


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Please see also the Cookies and Privacy Policy and the Website Terms of Service that govern the use of this website. This Design Shop Policy document details the policies governing use of the shopping cart system.


Design Shop Accounts

Only ONE (1) account is permitted per person.

Your account is only to be used by you as the account holder; downloaded files and download links are not to be shared. Persons found violating this rule will be subject to having their account disabled and being banned from the website.

If for any reason you have lost the password that was used to create your account and you are no longer able to log in, there is a password reset function on the account login page. If for any reason you also no longer have access to the email address used in the account registration, please Contact us for assistance restoring access to your account. You will be asked to provide evidence of identity (eg driver’s license or other government issued form of identification) before we proceed with restoration of access to your account.

Accurate and current details, especially email contact details, are required to be maintained on account records to ensure that we are able to contact you in the event of an upgrade to a product or the correction of any error(s) discovered so that we may notify you of and supply you with an updated copy of the download file. This is important to us as we strive to ensure that our products are of the highest standard possible for you, our valued customer.

Customer account registration details must be submitted and maintained in English.


Anita Richards Designs takes identity theft and fraud very seriously. Customers discovered using fake names, email addresses, IP addresses or other fake information will be asked to provide their real identification details in the first instance and if this is declined by the customer they will be subject to having their account disabled and being banned from the website; End User License Agreements will also revoked.

If you are in any way concerned about privacy on an account due to personal safety concerns (eg domestic violence) please, please, reach out to us BEFORE registering an account with fake details.


Australian eSafety Commissioner
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Australian Department of Social Security
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Criteria for Refusal of Service

Anita Richards, and Anita Richards Designs, is under no obligation to extend a product license for downloadable products to anyone discovered using false entries in customer account registration details, and shall be held blameless in the occurrence of such an event.

Anita Richards, and Anita Richards Designs, is under no obligation to process transactions, to supply nor to provide customer service to anyone discovered using false entries in customer account registration details, and shall be held blameless in the occurrence of such an event.


Goods and Services Tax

Anita Richards Designs is a legal, Australian business entity, listed with the Australian Business Register, and registered to collect the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Australian customers will pay GST on purchases at the fixed rate of 10%, on all our products. International customers do not need to pay GST on any products. If you are an international customer, and have accidentally paid the GST on a transaction, please reach out to us via the Contact page immediately. ALL amounts collected for GST will be tallied and included in Business Activity Statements, on the periodical basis Anita Richards Designs has registered with the Australian Taxation Office, and remitted accordingly.

As part of our compliance process the ecommerce shopping cart system set up on this website utilised specialised geolocation technology.

If you register an account with anything other than your real details it will trigger an error in tax calculations.

We take this public responsibility very seriously.

To be absolutely blunt here:


Thank you for your understanding and support during this difficult time.


Australian Taxation Office
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Australian Trade and Investment Commission
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Downloadable Products End User License Agreement

Anita Richards, Anita Richards Designs, and, reserves the right to modify, update, and change, our product Terms of Use: Personal Use Licensing at any time, with or without notice. The Terms of Use should be read BEFORE purchasing to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations when using our products.

You will be asked to agree to the Terms of Use, and all other applicable Anita Richards Designs terms and conditions, prior to completing a transaction in the Design Shop. You will be unable to complete the checkout transaction without consenting to, and agreeing with, the terms of the End User Personal Use Licensing Agreement.



Because our products are downloadable, refunds are only available for accidental duplicate purchases, and for orders that have not already been downloaded according to our server records.


Return Policy

Because our products are downloadable and delivered electronically, they cannot be physically returned. However, if you have a problem with any of our products, we will happily work with you to resolve any issues until the problem is rectified. This includes products that you may have downloaded from the Design Shop as part of a special promotional activity, sale or coupon gift, as well as freebie downloads initiated from other areas of our website.


Replacement of Accidentally Lost Files

Occasionally, customers may experience the loss of their digital scrapbooking supplies due to storage device failure. If this happens to you, we will work with you as much as reasonably possible to replace files that were purchased and downloaded from our Design Shop, provided that the finished product files are still available in our own data management systems.


Downloads & Link Resets

Downloads will be available for 5 years after the date of completed purchase. Downloads must be completed before the end of this time frame. After 5 years, orders will only be reset upon special request which may be submitted via the email address listed in the Terms of Use .PDF file included with the purchase, quoting your Tax Invoice order number(s).

Please ensure that you download, unzip and carefully review your purchase(s), as soon as possible after download, to confirm that the download to your device was completed successfully.

The responsibility for backing up your purchases is yours. Unsure how to do that? Relax! We’ve got you covered! Please read our blog post about Backing-up Files for information on tips, ideas and methods: How do I use these digital designs, these Digital Scrapbooking kits?


File Compatibility

All our product files are designed in the Adobe® suite of software applications. All our product files are designed to be compatible across a broad range of imaging and other software applications with the Adobe® Photoshop® Elements (PSE) as the focal working application.

Information about the file types contained within downloads is included on individual product description pages in the Design Shop. Refunds will ONLY be offered on purchases if the files have not already been downloaded according to our server records.

Please be sure to read product descriptions BEFORE you purchase, and reach out to us via the Contact page for clarification if there is anything that you need help to understand.


Sales & Discount Pricing

From time to time, sales are run in our Design Shop when products are temporarily placed on a discount rate or offered as part of special promotions. Should you arrive in the Design Shop AFTER the closing time of that sale or special offer, the promotion end time will NOT be extended.

However, given the difficulties that we all sometimes face with balancing household budgets we are more than happy to provide a Lay-by Coupon Code for you, as and if requested, during an active sale or special promotion period, if you are not able to complete the purchase transaction on that day. This will enable you to complete your purchase when your funds are available, within a two-week post-sale window of opportunity time frame. Lay-by Coupon Codes not applied during the two-week post-sale window of opportunity time frame will expire and will NOT be extended.

Request a Lay-by Coupon Code here…

The server clock at is synchronised to GMT+8:00 Perth Australia time. A visual countdown ticker will be used on this website, when and where practicable and possible, to advise you when a sale or special promotion will expire.



If you have any questions about this Design Shop Policy document or wish to contact me directly, please submit a Contact form.


Anita Richards Designs decorative ornament


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