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After a bit of a deep-dive down the proverbial digi-designer’s rabbit hole, it is with great pleasure that I give you the first part of what I have been working on over the last several months; the Phalphas :: Photo Alphabet Templates set is now waiting for you on the shelves in the Design Shop


Customise Your Page with Photo Monograms!

The Phalphas :: Photo Alphabet Templates set gives you fine-tuned control over creating and placing customised large lettering on your pages and projects.



The image shows the promotional Digital Scrapbook Layout, titled That's My Boy Promotional, showcasing the That's My Boy Collection and the Phalphas :: Photo Alphabet Templates digiscrap kit products available now at the Design Shop.
Digital Scrapbook Layout: That’s My Boy Promotional

Our newest design projects and product offerings are starting to flow into the design shop. This layout is a special “photo swap” layout featuring the That’s My Boy Collection (coming soon) and the iconic Phalphas :: Photo Alphabet Templates collection.

Make a Bold Statement

There’s no question about it: these beautifully chunky Phalphas will never be backwards in coming forwards on your layouts!

Sized at just over 4½ inches tall (approximately 12cm), Phalphas make any title using them into a boldly audacious design statement. Easily create audacious, unique photographic monograms with the triple layered design on these intricately crafted sanded chipboard alphabet templates.

Triple Layer Design, Greater Depth

Leverage the triple layered design with either a photograph or paper clipped over the top layer and apply the included drop shadow styles to each layer for realistic depth.

Using bare chipboard your forte? Not a problem! These templates work particularly well in their full stack form … or separate them out into their individual layers to achieve different effects.

You may also simply apply a colour to the mask layer to create simple sanded chipboard lettering.

Heavily Sanded or Softly Does It

With these Phalphas, not only is there a triple layer design, the sanded photo mask layer also comes into two options: heavily or softly sanded. Having two options gives you more control over the depth of the pieces. Use either of the mask layers separately or combine them to achieve a third option!


Phalphas had their first inception in 2007 when Anita Richards Designs was trading as Anita Stergiou Designs. The early set, using a different type face and with only two layers, has also been added to the product download files as a special Bonus inclusion to this collection, with our compliments.


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And When You Scrap With this Set…

Please remember to share a link to your layout so that I may see it too. Tag me in the credits on your publicly viewable layout if you post on Facebook or Instagram @anitarichardsdesigns and I promise that I will take a look.

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