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Following on from yesterday’s post … if you’ve been into the Design Shop over the last month you will have noticed that there is a new release out. The A Circle of Friends Alphabet Ensemble hit the store on a lovely day when I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about family and having friends. I am seriously in love with this set!

Here’s a short history behind this set’s creation:

In the early days of my design journey I was fortunate enough to be part of the Digital Store Designer Team at

Sadly they closed the digital store there some time ago.

However, one of the collaboration kits that I worked on while everything was up and running over there, was a super sweet kit called A Circle of Friends. The original palette for that kit was so beautiful that I just couldn’t resist having a go at using the colour scheme again.

This monogram alphabet set and coordinated embellishments is the result of that revamp of the original monogram alphabet … lucky thirteen years down the track and I adore how this has turned out! I hope that you do too.


preview a circle of friends



Aaaaaand … In order for you to see this set in action, I threw together a super quick and slightly quirky All About Me page for you to view.

It has been absolutely ages since I last scrapped an AAM layout so creating this page was sheer delight … although I must admit that after looking at my selfies I have realised its high time for a new haircut and a makeover!


Digital Scrapbook Layout: Remembering Me

Remembering Me

Having been on the road for over 3 years now, #vanlife, it’s almost become a habit to ignore the so called creature comforts of modern life. Things like “hot showers”, washing clothes in my own “laundry room”, cooking in a “kitchen” with a “sink” and doing “Sunday roasts”, not to mention simple necessities like sleeping in a comfortable “bed” at night.

Some days when I see posts on social media from people complaining about how hard their life is during the COVID-19 lockdown … … … I can’t help it! I am literally PMSL! I am sorry, I know that it is hard for everyone, I just find it funny from my perspective.


Taking things one day at a time as the stuck in a broken down vehicle situation I have been trapped in for nearly a year is now finally close to being resolved and I remember that I am worth all the effort that I put into myself; I am worth loving and taking care of me too.

Thus, on this page I opted to keep the focus simple. With an almost but not quite minimalist feel to the page, I combined muted brown tones with reds, a combination that I particularly love, creating a wistful page that is beautifully rounded out with the soft colours of the A Circle of Friends :: Alphabet Ensemble teamed with the One Day at a Time :: Petite Collection.


So without further ado, please grab it in the Design Shop today.

Happy scrappin’!

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