New Release :: One Day at a Time Petite Collection II

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If you’ve been into the Design Shop over the last couple of weeks you will have noticed that there is a new release out. The One Day at a Time Petite Collection 2 hit the store on a lovely weekend when there was a teensy little bit of sunshine outside and I gotta say that I am pretty chuffed with it.

Designed to coordinate with and extend the iconic One Day at a Time :: Petite Collection, this follow-up Collection is in part inspired by the life changing events and experiences of the year 2020 thus far.

As with the first set, this collection is intended to call upon the imagery and evoke the essence of bygone eras. Indeed many of us are still taking things one day at a time around the world as we slowly but surely strive to attain triumph in adversity over the minuscule microorganism that has caused so much havoc and disruption to all our lives.

Here ‘tis …

preview one day at a time 2



The complete One Day at a Time range also coordinates with templates in the sketchPLATE series; indeed, in part, these specific sketchPLATES spurred and inspired the creation of this latest addition to the One Day at a Time Collection. Be sure to check them out in the Design Shop:


Preview: sketchPLATE 0006

Preview: sketchPLATE 0003


On a side note, I am still grappling with maintaining a steady power supply although that is now improving somewhat as we reach the end of winter and start moving into spring again. So …

Let’s celebrate this steady change in the seasons and the return of sun-shiny days: get the kit at the new release special discount saving of 50% off until Sunday 31 August 2020.

coupon code one day at a time 2

With my compliments and best wishes. i Heart u

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