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Welcome to the all new scrapSNAP Sundays where once a month, all things permitting, you will find a brand new scrapSNAPS Duo set in the Design Shop, ready and waiting for you to enjoy!

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The Back Story…

A couple of words by way of explanation … way back in the days when Anita first started creating digital scrapbook quickpage layouts, she decided to create them as single page, stand alone canvases, with a high degree of attention to detail.

Dubbing her pre-made digital scrapbook layouts scrapSNAPS to differentiate the work from that of other designers, Anita released quite a number of scrapSNAP Singles between 2005-2013. During the early months of 2020, Anita recommenced designing scrapSNAP Singles, more recently expanding her newest releases and many revamps into double page scrapSNAP Duos.

Fast Forward…

Today, the scrapSNAP Sunday Project aims to:

  1. Re-release:
    Some of the favourite early scrapSNAPS are being updated and re-released;
  2. Coordinate Page Designs with our Kit Collections:
    Brand new digital artworks are being created as “kit-coordinated” double-pagers so that you may include many more photographs in the two-page spread;
  3. Theme Colours, Style and Composition:
    Each scrapSNAP Duo set is now being fully themed and package deals offered so that you may invest in the full kit collections, enabling you to extend your pages from two into an entire album if you so choose;
  4. Double Page Backgrounds:
    Designing backgrounds at 7200px x 3600px so there is artistic and visual flow from one page to the next as you flick through the printed pages in your digital scrapbooking photobook or album.

Our scrapSNAPS product offerings are intended to be of the highest and most exquisite quality, all you need to do is choose your project photos and pull them together on the pages.

What are scrapSNAPS?

scrapSNAPS are specially created Digital Scrapbook layouts with transparent photo spaces designed specifically so that you can scrap a layout in a SNAP!

Our scrapSNAPS are pre-made, fully embellished layouts, usually with either a single or multiple transparent windows, (although sometimes a layout is designed for blending a photo over the top, more about that another time) that are completed by adding a photo, or a number of photographs, together with any desired journaling or title work.

The completed layout is then either printed for insertion into a scrapbook album or uploaded together with other completed layouts for printing in a photobook or saved for printing at a later date.

How Do You Use a scrapSNAP?

If you are new to digital scrapbooking please read our comprehensive post on how to use scrapSNAPS for details on making the best use of our easy to finish pre-made layouts.

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How are scrapSNAPS Designed and Created?

The entire scrapSNAPS Sunday project is grounded in composing an entirely new, original digital artwork project in the form of a two-page digital scrapbook layout. Inspired by contemporary design trends and original interpretations, the creation of a unique new digital scrapbook kit and full collection is a key objective of the overall project. Nonetheless, the finished double page layout as transformed into the pre-made pages known as a scrapSNAPS Duo, is an intrinsic and indispensable part of the entire project and design process.

~ Each new scrapSNAP Duo has a story behind its creation! ~


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