Smile Again: A Suicide Loss Healing Gallery.

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This series of photos were taken in early 2015, several months after my Brother ended his own life.

That hit me hard.

After a seriously bad week I promised my older Sister that I would smile again, just for her.

And so for a month and a half I took a photo of something that had a smile in it to try and find my own smile again … some of these photos are pure kitsch … I even painted a great big ruddy smilie face on my living room wall as a constant reminder!

All the photos then had multiple filters run over them in an iOS® photography app for iPad® called BeFunky®.

Today, 29 April 2020, a little over five and a half years later, the pain is no longer what it was albeit my Brother’s presence is still deeply missed.

This gallery is being shared for anyone who needs inspiration to start smiling again after a suicide loss.

The taboo around talking about suicide needs to be broken.

If you too have lost someone to suicide all my love goes to you; the pain will get better just give yourself time.

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If you have a loved one
that you are concerned about,
please reach out for advice and support.


Australian Department of Health
Suicide Prevention in Australia

Lifeline Australia
Ph. 131114



Anita Richards Designs decorative ornament