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Welcome to wednesdayWISDOM!

This project is one that I am doing simply because I love quotes; I love reading them and I love taking time to reflect on how I can apply or interpret the words of the author and creator in my own life.

You are welcome to join me on this journey and post a link to your own wednesdayWISDOM quote inspired layout, at whichever gallery or social media site that it is located, in the comments section of that week’s post; alternatively send me a private message through the Contact page. Either way, I would love to see your work! i Heart u

There are no rules for this thing. It is mostly intended as a reflective journaling challenge. However, as digital scrapbooking artists we work with images and sometimes words are not necessary because the meaning is encapsulated within the overall canvas of the layout. Indeed, the quotes can be used as the inspiration for a photograph … as the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

As you absorb each week’s quote just remain open to inspiration.

I hope that you too can find what you need within the quotes to help you on your own journey through life.

With much love and brightest blessings.

Enjoy! i Heart u

wednesdayWISDOM: discipline keeps you going

Welcome back to wednesdayWISDOM, a series of inspiration pieces to help you get some digiscrapping moxie on during this #SocialDistancing phase of our lives. This week’s quote is one from Jim Rohn, a well known inspirational speaker and thought leader of last century who left behind…


wednesdayWISDOM: sweat, determination and hard work

Get some diggiscrapping moxie on during this #SocialDistancing phase of our lives with this week’s wednesdayWISDOM inspirational quote from Colin Powell, who’s long spanning military and political career leaves me a little in awe of his dedication to cause and country. This quote motivates me to work smarter in everything I do. What thoughts are prompted for you by Powell’s words.⁠..


wednesdayWISDOM: find a dream inside your heart

Good morning world, welcome again to wednesdayWISDOM, a series of inspiration pieces to help you get with your scrapping as this SocialDistancing phase of our lives continues. This week’s quote is one from an unknown author … which leaves me in a little bit of a quandary given that I love learning about famous people. Oddly enough, this quote seems to have found its way into the realm of romantic good night text messaging…

Featured Image: wednesdayWISDOM 003

wednesdayWISDOM: a #2 pencil

Dreams are the focus of this week’s wednesdayWISDOM; dreams and what we do to bring them to reality and life. This blog reveals my thoughts and feelings about Joyce Meyers words and what they mean in the context of my family’s Great Australian Roadtrip…

Featured Image: wednesdayWISDOM 002

wednesdayWISDOM: what you whisper to yourself

wednesdayWISDOM again and this week’s quote, from Robert Kiyosaki got me reflecting deeply on my inner dialogue. In the blog I walk through my process on creating a layout about self talk; what is your inner voice saying…

Featured Image: wednesdayWISDOM 001

wednesdayWISDOM: before the rest of the world

This week’s wednesdayWISDOM quote from Oscar Wilde has deep meaning in my life at this time; it brings to mind all the people who work during the night and sparked deep gratitude for what they do for us all. Take take a minute to read the post and let me know what thoughts are prompted for you by Wilde’s words…