Digital Scrapbook Product Quality Standard

Digital Scrapbook Product Quality Standard

Last Updated: 11 May, 2023



Anita Richards Designs strives to ensure the best quality Digital Scrapbooking products are served to our customers and patrons. As a result we maintain a best practice Digital Scrapbook Product Quality Standard as part of our in-house Product Quality Assurance framework. Please see also our Design Shop Policy.


Quality Control in the Design Process

Quality control is an important part of the design completion process to ensure that all files have been created in the best manner possible, right from idea inception through to product packaging.

To ensure that all our designs are are delivered to you at the highest standard possible, each image file is subjected to a thorough range of checks and tests prior to packaging and upload to our Design Shop.

Occasionally, or sometimes on all items in a set, our designs won’t seem to meet some of the Standard Quality Control processes. This is for the simple reason that the style of the design or the type of element is intended to be different. Examples may include using a batik fabric pattern style on a background paper, or an element that is intended to have an ink stamped appearance or, VERY specifically sometimes, pixel art style elements.

Writing up a set of Artist’s Notes discussing her design process is an integral part of Anita Richards’ overall project execution and is intended to open an artistic dialogue with you to help you to visualise your own creative process when using the designs in your layouts.

Some of the quality control processes used that we would like to make you aware of are included in the next section.


Minimum Standard for Digital Scrapbook Products

Within the normal constraints of the software used to design and create the products, Anita Richards Designs maintains the following minimum quality assurance standard for all our digital scrapbook product offerings:

  1. Adobe Photoshop is the main software application used by Anita Richards to design and create the image graphics products.
  2. All finished graphics are created in realistic sizing proportion for elements so that resizing before use of the element in a 12”x12” layout is not unnecessarily required.
  3. All finished graphics are created in the software application at 300PPI (pixels per inch) resolution.
  4. All finished graphics are saved in lossless .PNG format.
  5. All finished Embellishments graphics are created to be smooth and a crisp edge has been designed into all elements unless the intrinsic nature of element required a specifically finished edge.
  6. All finished graphics have had stray pixels removed and missing pixels filled.
  7. All finished graphics have had empty pixels safely trimmed and removed within the file’s square/rectangular background.
  8. All finished graphics have had external shadows removed except on custom shadowed versions that are included in a set as an additional variation.
  9. All finished graphics, unless otherwise specified**, have been created within gamut for printing.
  10. All finished graphics are created ensuring that all colours, patterns and textures used are refined, smooth and clear, free of jagged edges, pixelation, artifacts, blurriness, moire or gaps in the pattern … unless intended to be that way.**
  11. All finished graphics are created such that textures, when used, are appropriately rendered across all colours within the design.
  12. All finished background paper (papers) are created to scale and sized at 12×12 inches, and elements are created to scale in relation to a 12×12 background, with the resolution during designing set to 300PPI (pixels per inch), and ready for print at 300DPI (dots per inch).
  13. All finished papers/backgrounds graphics are created ensuring that the complete perimeter of the entire background paper has been covered all the way to the edges with their respective colours, patterns, and textures.

** Please refer to the accompanying Artist’s Notes that may be included in product download .ZIP files for specific information about finished graphics that have had special design inclusions.



Apart from personal taste and aesthetics, if you discover a fault with any of our design product offerings or a fault with packaging (for example an essential product file has been accidentally left out of the downloaded .ZIP file) we WANT to hear from you and we NEED to know what you found so that we may serve YOU best.

Please submit your feedback using the Product Quality Assurance Feedback Form.

Thank you.