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The Romance is Timeless Collection has been designed to stylishly record the romantic relationships in your family’s history. Heritage scrapbooking of the family weddings, engagements, anniversaries, courtship and all photographs of romantic love, the origins of you and the people in your immediate family today … all will be preserved in elegant vintage vogue.


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“… Invoking the Grace of Yesteryear

Romance is Timeless Petite Collection, a beautifully whimsical digital scrapbook kit, was first released in 2012 as a freebie in a Designer Challenge. Gorgeously nostalgic and slightly moody, filled with misty warmth and shadowy esthetics, contrasted with rich pink, purple and green tones, grounded with earthy browns and classic sepia tones, your heritage pages and yesteryear themes will come to vivid life with the graceful elegance of this Collection.

Artfully Aged for Heritage Scrapbooking

The items in this Collection have all be artfully aged to give them a carefully considered appearance in keeping with vintage ephemera and antiques. Using a combination of bright shiny yet dented chrome through to folded creases on papers and slightly time grunged textures, the Romance is Timeless Collection ticks all the boxes for heritage scrapbooking.

Additionally, with the right adjustments for theme, even layouts of your storge relationship photographs will become radiant records of your special family memories.

Today Becomes Tomorrow

The beauty of using this kit is that what you scrap today is what your great-grandchildren will look at with wonder as they in turn ponder your life story. The heritage scrapbook pages you create will become the memories that your own family will look back upon in the generations to come. Romance is Timeless will help you fill your own life story pages with warmth, colour, texture and decorative elements that support the theme of your designs. Indeed, today truly does become tomorrow!

Your FREE Gift through the archivesVAULT

Remastered and expanded with brand new pieces, the Romance is Timeless Petite Collection is now available as a Treasure Hunt FREE Gift through the archivesVAULT. Starting in the archivesVAULT, please be sure to follow through the Treasure Hunt process  to receive this Collection as a FREE gift with our compliments. …”

Newbie Help

If you are new to Digital Scrapbooking and need help figuring this all out, please take a look at our Learn to Digiscrap Frequently Asked Questions section and our Projects & Inspiration section.

Design Elements

Alphabet: 1 (78 pieces)
Elements: 28 (not all shown in the preview)
Papers: 7

Specifically, this Collection contains the following items:

  • one (1) 77 piece papered alphabet, upper and lower case letters, numbers, assorted punctuation PLUS a 300x300px swatch for you to use to create custom letters and symbols (.PNG formats);
  • one (1) vintage style broach (.PNG);
  • one (1) vintage clock without hour and minute hands (.PNG);
  • one (1) double photo frame decorated cluster (.PNG);
  • one (1) paper flower in five (5) colour variations (.PNG formats);
  • one (1) french number style stamp in two (2) colour variations (.PNG formats);
  • one (1) vintage style hat pin (.PNG);
  • one (1) perfume bottle label in full colour (.PNG);
  • one (1) perfume bottle label in chalk board style (.PNG);
  • one (1) leaf decorated over sized paper clip fastener (.PNG);
  • one (1) messy paint smear (.PNG);
  • one (1) messy paint splatter (.PNG);
  • one (1) vintage pearl wreath in shadowed and unshadowed versions (.PNG formats);
  • one (1) vintage instant photo frame in two slightly different versions (.PNG formats);
  • one (1) satin ribbon bow (.PNG);
  • one (1) irregular length of satin ribbon, 17 inches long for extended trimming and placement variations (.PNG);
  • one (1) dented and colourised chrome vintage style folded fan accent in four (4) colour variations (.PNG formats);
  • one (1) strip of vintage entry tickets (.PNG);
  • one (1) scalloped washi tape piece (.PNG); and,
  • seven (7) artfully aged digital scrapbook background papers (.JPG formats).
    • Total = 113 images all in high resolution 300ppi file formats as listed.

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General Information

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These graphics for Digital Scrapbooking are also perfect for use in a variety of other crafting activities including card making, birthday or holiday or other celebration decorations, invitations and stationery for weddings and other celebrations, photo books, scrapbook albums, calendars, notebooks, art journals, bullet and PDF planners, bible journaling and faithbooking, as well as a multitude of personal use items.

A suitable image editing software program or other application, for either PC / Mac / smart device, is required to use these images.

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Collection: Petite Set


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