Stilt Walking

Stilt Walking - A Digital Scrapbook Layout about my sons learning to stilt walk during their circus training class

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My sons did circus training for kids for several years when we were homeschooling. They had an amazing time and learned so many fun skills, not to mention thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of being involved in circus performances.

There was also a deeper reason for getting them to do circus; both of my sons had issues with tight tendons in their legs and this was a way of incorporating a robust dimension of stretching and bodywork (their teacher was actually a fully qualified OT) to their physical education routine.

The photographs as the main focus of the page, of course, necessitated the use of long yet narrow portrait frames.

Once the photographs were positioned, the page was then lavishly loaded with flowers on and around them as a tribute to the setting where their circus classes were held. Their circus classes were held in a facility surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, filled with water features, flowers and fruit trees, thus the layout mirrors that memory.

Logan and Taran were supervised the whole time by a trained spotter; those were professional circus stilts that my sons were strapped into. A fall could have resulted in a serious injury.

Layout Credits:

  • Anita Richards Designs: Fall Carnival Collection (to be remastered) flowers, buttons, paper creases; and, sketchPLATE No.0008.
  • Font: Bradley Hand ITC.

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