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Welcome to the all new sketchPLATE Saturdays!

It’s been far too many years and funnily enough, I really missed creating these little beasties!

Sweet and simple with this first one; I tried to keep things a little more minimalist within the scope of a full page photo background with blended overlay and a dynamic black and white >< colour interplay between two photos.


Layout: Kayaking the Franklin River


The large photo dominating the background is to set the overall scene for the page. Then the smaller feature photograph, 100% desaturated to black and white in the instant photo frame, is used to give special focus to the subjects, aka the specific people who are the inspiration that prompted me to create the page.

There are three download options for this sketchPLATE:

  • the first .ZIP file has the .TIF file only;
  • the second .ZIP has the .PSD file only;
  • the third .ZIP has the separated .PNGs only.

Download just what you need or download them all, the choice is yours. 8D

So, without any further ado, here ’tis …


Preview: sketchPLATE 0001

Edited 28 July 2020: FREEbie downloads of this template are now finished.
However, please feel free to purchase it in the Design Shop today.

Please remember to come back here and share the link to your layout on Facebook or Instagram when you use this template so that I may see it too. Just post a comment here or send me a private message via the Contact page and I promise that I will take a look. i Heart u

This post is part of our sketchPLATE Saturdays Embellished Templates Series, the complete index for which can be found on the sketchPLATE Saturdays home page.

Enjoy! i Heart u




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