Layout: Birthday Wishes

Layout: Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are always a big deal for me with my sons.

In 2018 my children and I were travelling around Australia on what I like to refer to as our Great Australian Road Trip. After we left Canberra, I especially took my family to Sydney so that we could celebrate my Logan’s birthday, in style as they say, at an AirBnB rather than at a camp ground. The family that we stayed with were wonderfully kind and put on a simple and yet completely beautiful traditionally inspired Japanese evening meal for my son. It was just amazing and so special because it was completely unexpected.

We all shared the birthday cake that I had arranged for Logan’s birthday, along with a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling red … as is our family tradition … and all together we cheered as you he out his birthday candles and made his wishes.

Precious memories. 8D

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