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After a bit of a break due to imbalance of power issues (aka my batteries are not charging properly) … welcome back to this month’s sketchPLATE Saturday!

The sketchPLATE for June is a little more visually complex than the previous one in that the layering is based on four blocks in a grid on the page. When I was pencilling out the draft a couple of months ago I was playing around with the idea of adding different types of elements on top of doilies. I love using doilies but funnily enough I don’t use them often (weird, I know), and have yet to design one … hmmmm … 8D

Hand Drawn Sketch 0001


The process of morphing this hand drawn sketch into a digiscrapped layout was a very interesting process of artistic evolution. I had already developed the FREEbie kit for the Next Designer 2020 contest at the time and I wanted to test drive the Collection to see what I could achieve with it.

This is what I came up with:

Layout: Crawling


The set of photographs that inspired me to create a page with this mini kit actually date back to October 2005.

Would you believe that originally these photos were taken on video tape using an old video camera that I then grabbed captures to the SD card? Yup! … those were the good ole days before I bought my Pentax iST dSLR. 8D

I scrapped these pics once before using a Dani Mogstad kit (Design by Dani) way back then, but I always felt as though I could do better with my page.

So … Taaah Daaah!

Journaling reads:
“Taran, you were a little longer than some babies with learning how to crawl. But all it took was a bunch of Christmas baubles on the floor to get you going! You were so ready the day you learned to crawl!”


All in all, the way that this page has come together makes for a nice display of four photos so the next step in the process of course was to turn it into a sketchPLATE…


Preview: sketchPLATE 0005


This sketchPLATE has a text path included with it which should in theory work in pretty much any version of Photoshop® Creative Cloud that support paths as well as many versions of Photoshop® Elements. Fingers crossed … if there are any problems with it, please reach out to me and let me know either in the comments below or via the Contact page.

To say that I am very happy with how this sketchPLATE evolved is an understatement; I am ecstatic with it and I sincerely hope that you like it too!

The learning experience from this process has been awesome and for that I am grateful. Now I have rock solid system, a three step process, for developing my sketchPLATES and actually, even after all these years of digiscrapping and designing, I think that is kinda cool … but then I’m a bit of a nerdy-geek that way.

Also, I am deeply grateful for the experience that I had in the audition process for the Next Designer 2020 … I learned more than I imagined I would and my imagination can get pretty wild sometimes. 8D

Be that as it may, the downloads offered for this sketchPLATE are again separated out into three sets so that you can grab just what you need :

  • the first .ZIP file has the .TIF file only;
  • the second .ZIP has the .PSD file only;
  • the third .ZIP has the separated .PNGs only.

Download one or download them all, the choice is yours. 8D

So after that word salad of behind the scenes sweet and juicy bits, please be my guest and grab yourself a copy of this month’s sketchPLATE.

Preview: sketchPLATE 0005

Edited 28 July 2020: FREEbie downloads of this template are now finished.
However, please feel free to purchase it in the Design Shop today.

Wrapping up for now: please do let me know if you post a layout on your Facebook or Instagram by tagging credits with @anitarichardsdesigns. I would love to see your beautiful work.

Lastly, and certainly not leastly, thank you! Thank you for participating in today’s sketchPLATE Saturday, part of our ongoing Digital Scrapbooking Projects & Inspiration series. The complete index for previous sketchPLATE Saturday Projects can be found on the sketchPLATE Saturdays home page.

Enjoy! An i Heart u emoji


Anita Richards Designs decorative ornament


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