Layout: Precious Princess

Layout: Precious Princess

Creating this page after starting with a randomly hand drawn sketch to get started was a fascinating journey down memory lane. I tried to incorporate a Slavic naive artsy type feel to the page with the hearts on the doilies and the page has resulted in sketchPLATE 0007.

This photo holds a very special place in my heart as the little feet on the side of the photo belonged to my little brother. Despite being a mere 18 months old at the time, I actually remember sitting for my Mother to take this photo, which was shot on black and white film.

The photo, of course, being a vintage black and white one, was the main inspiration for going with a monotone style, adding just a hint of a pop of spot colour in the embellishment choices to breathe some character into the page. 8D

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sketchPLATE Saturday 0007

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