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Hey hey hey! Can you believe that January is almost done and dusted already? I have been full on getting things accomplished and, weirdly, I am feeling a teensy bit sad that most of the month is already marked off. Nonetheless, today I have a new sketchPLATE for you and true to the name sketchPLATE the inspiration for this template comes from a haute cuisine plating photograph would you believe!?! I love the fine art of haute cuisine and have tried a few plating experiments of my own over the years … lots of practice still ahead…

Speaking of plates: When I became engaged, my fiancé and I held our Engagement Party at a fabulous Greek restaurant. We did this because my then future husband’s step-father is from that region of the world and his Mother and extended family are widely known in the Community here in Perth. And, as was custom … we broke plates! My fiancé smashed them all over the dance floor and then jumped up on a table and danced for me. Well, when we got married I had a beautiful Mikasa dinnerware set on my Bridal Register and the Community blessed us with the whole collection! The set is now long gone, as is my husband. Rest in Peace. However, my wish is to be able to get a new, even more beautiful Mikasa set. Sighing. Praying that my wish comes true.


Wedding Gift Ideas: Mikasa® Fine Dinnerware & Accessories
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