Anita Richards Designs | sketchPLATE 0010 LinkedIN & Twitter Image

Anita Richards Designs | sketchPLATE 0010 LinkedIN & Twitter Image

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Today it is my great pleasure to present to you the first of the brand new range of sketchPLATES for 2022. Spotlighting this sketchPLATE Saturday offering, the idea for this page was originally sparked by those awesome ampersands that were so popular a little while ago. Having spotted a few on Pinterest I decided to try my hand at designing one. Here’s what happened …

Christmas Gift Ideas: SWAROVSKI® Crystal Ornaments
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A beautiful, fragile and intricately created Swarovski Crystal Christmas Star ornament with year date 2021. An intricate and stunningly crafted Swarovksi Crystal Christmas Star ornament. A very cute and delicate precious Swarovski Crystal Christmas Reindeer ornament.

Not quite what you are looking for?
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