Lucky 13 ~ First Page

The image shows the Digital Scrapbook Layout, Luck 13 page 2, about my son, Logan’s, 13th birthday.

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All About His Special Day

Aaaaaah! Birthdays! My son, Logan, he was so happy on that day. He was finally a teenager!

On that day we had gone to the movies to see one of the totally awesome movies that were screening at that time … a convoluted way of saying that I can’t specifically remember which one we saw … I’m sure that it was totally awesome especially because it was Logan’s choice as part of his birthday celebrations.

When we returned home it was time for cake and I must say at this point that I completely approve of Logan’s choice of chocolate mud cake for his birthday cakes, they are his favourite and he has extremely good taste in that regard.

Post-Processing & Photo Manipulations

With only one photo that I wanted to use on this page, for this layout I decided to use an out-of-bounds effect with the photograph. To achieve the effect I duplicated the main photo and then created a clipping mask around the birthday cake and added layer styles to emphasise the glow of the candles as well as adding a pop-out style drop shadow to give additional depth to the cake on the cake stand.


I wanted to keep this layout very much focused on the photo and the out-of-bounds cake, and so I opted not to include any journaling on this page. However, the story has been told through the use of wordART pieces and stamps, combined with the title and date elements.

I enjoyed creating this page so much and had a bunch more photos that I wanted to scrap, so I ended up creating a second page to accompany this one.

Anita Richards Designs Finial Upwards

As an aside: My sons and I have a family tradition of drinking non-alcoholic Prosecco (a traditional Italian sparkling red wine) on every birthday, for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and for every celebration really. We always do this, but the glassware that I currently have is not great and my cake stand is just a cheap porcelain one. I used to have a large selection of beautiful Luigi Bormioli glasses from my Wedding Gift Registry. But, alas, glass and hard floors just don’t mix well together when you have young children, so over the years you can imagine that not much survived from my previous sets. Now that my sons are young adults, perhaps I can start buying some beautiful glassware again and teach my sons a little about wine etiquette while serving genuine Prosecco together with some delectable cake on a gorgeous cake stand … Thank goodness for Amazon Wish Lists!

Celebration Ideas: Present the Cake Fancy & Give ’em Bubbles
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Photo of a beautiful farmhouse style cake stand with glass bell-dome. Photo of a bottle of the Lyres brand Classico Non-alchoholic Wine, Prosecco style. Photo of one of the Luigi Bormioli white wine glasses from their classic Aero range.

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Anita Richards Designs Finial Downwards

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