Outsidie - A Digital Scrapbook Layout created in the blended layout style with a detailed paper overlaid upon a full page photo of my older son.

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This is a page I created in the early days of my DigiScrap journey and is done in what is known as a blended layout style.

In a nut shell, I have combined a high resolution photograph of my older son with a vintage style background paper, using the built-in light filter layer modes in Photoshop Elements to make the two layers visually combine.

Those two layers were then merged and cropped (cut to size) along the right hand side edge and another background layer of digital paper with a beautiful Japanese mulberry paper inspired texture, was added behind the blended photo to add dimension and provide a focal point for the photographed subject’s line of sight.

The blended layers then had a drop shadow applied and the page was finished by adding journaling, which was also blended into the photo-blend to give it an ethereal quality without detracting from the overall focal point of the page which is my son’s eyes.


  • Anita Richards: Whispers of Spring Collection (to be remastered); and,
  • Font: ES Beautiful.

Thank you for viewing this layout.

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