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Here’s my one and only chance to use a little FOMO encouragement (for the folks who don’t know what FOMO means, it means fear of missing out) … which is unusual because I DON’T usually do that sort of thing …

Why would I want to try and give you a case of the FOMO?

Here at Anita Richards Designs I love to keep in touch with my customers and supporters so that you can be in the loop on ALL the new releases, news and the FREEbies as it happens.

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Learn Digital Scrapbooking

A step by step email series presented in bite sized pieces to help newbies learn how to start Digital Scrapbooking with topics ranging from what software to use through to cameras, printing, layout shadowing, storage, backup and more!

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Latest on the Blog

Self explanatory really … basically these emails will spotlight all sorts of posts including reviews of equipment, tools, tangible supplies and printing ideas and recommendations as well as tutorials and inspiration projects. Also, the FREEbies. Yes, I’m totally ok with that! I have loved every freebie from all the amazing and wonderful designers who so graciously shared their beautiful work; in the early years when I was first starting out, freebies were a life saver! Thank you!

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Design Shop News

These will include all New Product Releases as well as exclusive Coupons, Deals, Specials and Sales. Articles will also include discussion about the processes behind the designs including the inspiration and sometimes even behind the scenes exposé.

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