Team Anita Richards




Creative Team Call

Layouts, two per month, exclusively ARD product, one free choice and one assigned theme:

  1. Posted in your most complete online gallery.
  2. Posted to the main online gallery at an open community site you usually frequent and are actively participating in.
  3. Posted only on the social media account/s that you usually frequent and are actively participating in.
  4. Associated marketing, social media and preview images, caption and credits.

Sketches, one per month, assigned theme:

  1. 1 hand drawn layout sketch;
  2. 1 fully layered layout developed from hand drawn sketch;
  3. Accompanying behind the scenes story / blog post about the sketch, layout and design process; and,
  4. Associated captions, marketing, social media and preview images.

This will lead to an exclusive finished store product that will be remunerated at the rate of 80% of any/all completed sales after the initial first week as a freebie to newsletter subscribers.

Tutorials, one per three months, assigned theme:

  1. Layout.
  2. Sectional closeups.
  3. Screen shots and written instructions.
  4. Behind the scenes story / blog post about the layout and design process; and,
  5. Associated marketing, social media and preview images. The

Active participation:

  1. In discussion around colour scheme development;
  2. In suggestions for paper patterns, textures and depth;
  3. In suggestions for embellishments and other page elements;
  4. Prof reading y blog posts to catch all of my stupid typos and grammatical errors;
  5. Checking for any errors in downloaded files and accompanying documents;
  6. In your online community when appropriate mention of ARD is possible.
  7. Rein me in when I want to go feral on social media with some twit-head thinking that racism / sexism / gender-bias / environmental degradation ... (name the issue) ... is ok.

Selection Criteria


  • Competency in the software of choice used to create layouts.
  • Willingness and ability to speak up as a valued team member.
  • Ability to create layouts completely from scratch ie without the use of templates.
  • Ability to create pages from a single kit and to provide suggestions for additional embellishment to satisfy page design needs and to complete / round out kits prior to public release.
  • Ability to modify elements whilst retaining the original artistic integrity of the design.
  • A grasp of page composition and design.
  • A grasp of photo composition.
  • Ability to create custom drop shadows.

Highly Desirable

  • Photoshop Elements and/or Creative Cloud.
  • Ability to write about layout design process.
  • Ability to create sketches.
  • Ability to write tutorials.


  • Interest in partnering for product creation.
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