The Day I Got Jabbed: Blog Post Featured Image

The photo is the blog post featured image in support of the #Rollup4WA COVID-19 immunisation program and social media campaign in Western Australia.

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This featured image was created to celebrate my #Rollup4WA: Jab Day.

…This day was probably like no other day ever in terms of personal significance and as a life altering event.

I was a tumultuous mess of emotions as I remembered a similar scene from when I was a little girl as my mother took my brother, sister and I to have our childhood diseases vaccinations.

Mum was holding my sister firmly, I clearly remember that. My sister was ok with the medication cup although she definitely did not like the way that it tasted. But when it came to the injection she was screaming almost instantly when the needle was inserted. She went from calm and trusting to bitterly betrayed in a split second.

My fear of needles stems from that very day.

Now, after living with the terror or COVID-19 for over a year, now my fear of needles is conquered! I am happy! i heart u

Wishing you a very happy Jab Day too!

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The Day I Got Jabbed