How to optimise your layout file sizes by using .TIFs

Anita Richards Designs | Digiscrap 1175 | How to Optimise your Layout File Sizes by using .TIFs

Optimising the file sizes of your digital scrapbooking layouts is a great way to keep your overall file storage space somewhat under control. It also enables you to easily see the image contents of [sc name="photoshop" ] .PSDs when you are viewing the thumbnails in Windows Explorer®. For ALL Photoshop users, one of the best ways to do that is to save your files as .TIFs instead of in the native Photoshop .PSD file format. In this quick and easy tutorial we run through the steps to convert your digital scrapbook layouts into .TIF format.

Next Designer 2020: Audition Time!

Featured Image: Next Designer 2020 Contest | Audition Preview

Starting up as a designer again, pretty much from scratch, has been a daunting experience at times. Apart from the admin side of things and re-learning how to write rich content blog posts for this new website, mostly I have struggled with re-establishing workflows. That is about to change…

Keep those .PNGs neat: How to safely trim away empty pixels.

Anita Richards Designs | Digiscrap 1173 | How to Safely Trim Away Excess Pixels

Empty space in the transparent backgrounds of the .PNG files of embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking can chew up a LOT of hard drive space, literally for nothing. It can also make placement of embellishments difficult in some programs. Excessive empty transparent space can also be a hiding ground for stray pixels, causing issues on layouts, particularly by playing havoc with Drop Shadows and other Layer Styles. In today’s blog we delve into what to look for, and how to fix it, when checking the embellishments in your digi-stash.

sketchPLATE Saturday 0004

Featured Image: sketchPLATE Saturday 0004

Happy Saturday morning everyone and welcome back to another instalment of sketchPLATE Saturday! For today’s sketchPLATE I decided to create a birthday themed page in honour of my Logan’s birthday. Logan is my miracle child having been born 15 weeks prematurely, so his birthdays are a very big deal for me every year … every day actually … but especially on his birthday. Here’s what I came up with to celebrate…

What are file types? Why are they important?

Anita Richards Designs | Digiscrap 1140 | What are File Types? Why are they Important?

Unless you’ve had to deal with using different types of files in the past, either in your work or studies or hobby, then when you first start digital scrapbooking it may be a little confusing trying to understand what is meant when you hear the term “file type” and why they are important. File types are important because they tell various software programs and applications how to handle the information within them. The objective of today’s post is to demystify one of the most basic functions in computer software.

wednesdayWISDOM: sweat, determination and hard work

Get some diggiscrapping moxie on during this #SocialDistancing phase of our lives with this week’s wednesdayWISDOM inspirational quote from Colin Powell, who’s long spanning military and political career leaves me a little in awe of his dedication to cause and country. This quote motivates me to work smarter in everything I do. What thoughts are prompted for you by Powell’s words.⁠..

sketchPLATE Saturday 0003

Featured Image: sketchPLATE Saturday 0002

Welcome back to another instalment of the all new sketchPLATE Saturdays! Today’s sketchPLATE is a sweet little number to showcase a photo with a backing of five skinny paper strips. The single photo is framed with an embellished cluster to draw the eye to the right of the page from the negative space along the left hand side providing the counterpoint of focus to the photograph’s subjects…

wednesdayWISDOM: find a dream inside your heart

Good morning world, welcome again to wednesdayWISDOM, a series of inspiration pieces to help you get with your scrapping as this SocialDistancing phase of our lives continues. This week’s quote is one from an unknown author … which leaves me in a little bit of a quandary given that I love learning about famous people. Oddly enough, this quote seems to have found its way into the realm of romantic good night text messaging…

sketchPLATE Saturday 0002

Happy sketchPLATE Saturday everyone! This week is a staycation celebration of Easter for many folks around the world so I thought that I would give you a calorie and guilt free virtual Easter basket full of goodies. This super luscious digiscrapping treat spoils you with not only a sketchPLATE but also a scrapSNAP as well as an entire collection of three dozen glittered Easter eggs in both large and small egg sizes! I had the best time designing this set…