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Technical Support Requests

Requests for Technical Support may be made on this page in the Comments section below.

Requests for Technical Support made via this page are monitored at least once daily, 7 days per week, and managed privately. Comments submitted here are not publicly published.

Expected initial response time is within 24 hours dependent upon time zone … I am located in the +8 GMT time zone to give you a rough idea of when you could expect an initial reply.


Design Shop

New Account Registrations

When creating a new account in the Design Shop, please be aware that it is a two step opt-in process that requires you to confirm your new account registration via email link; please check your email Inbox.

If you have not received the email within ten (10) minutes, please check your Junk folder just in case the account confirmation email has landed there in error.

If you do not receive an email confirmation and you have checked your Junk folder, PLEASE LET ME KNOW in the Comments section below so that I may look into the problem.


Entering Coupon Codes

When entering Coupon Codes please be aware of the following:

  • they are case sensitive and do not contain any spaces or special characters;
  • they are time limited with an expiry date; and
  • they are usually limited for a single use per customer unless specified otherwise.

If you are having trouble with a Coupon Code please double check the above.

If you are still having trouble please try clearing your device’s cache and refreshing the browser window or tab.

In rare instances, I may have miss-keyed a Coupon Code incorrectly into a blog post or newsletter; I do proof read but have issues with that sometimes.

So if you spot one of my stupid typos PLEASE LET ME KNOW in the Comments section below! You will be forever loved if you do! i Heart u


Known Display Issue with Coupon Codes, Checkout and International Customers

Updated 9:13am Friday 14 May 2021, Perth, Western Australia

The shopping cart system was changed in April 2021 and this known display issue should in theory have been resolved.

However, if you encounter any problems with tax calculations in the checkout process PLEASE LET ME KNOW in the Comments section below!

Thank you! i Heart u

Anita Richards Designs is an Australian based business.

Currently, when a coupon code is applied in the Shopping Cart it displays a remainder amount in the Grand Total column in some browsers which represents the amount that would have been charged for GST if a customer is an Australian resident.

This is a display error only that is currently being followed up with the software developer. If you are a non-Australian resident and have completed all account registration details correctly, you will not be charged GST when clicking through on the Checkout and/or the Continue to Payment buttons.

If, however, when you click the final Continue to Payment button, and you are not an Australian resident, and the Shopping Cart still says that it wants to charge you the GST, PLEASE let me know ASAP in the Comments section below.

Thank you! i Heart u

2 thoughts on “Trouble Shooting”

  1. Hi there ~
    I seems to have this check out problem as described 🙁
    AUD -$9.99
    AUD $0.00
    Grand Total
    AUD $1.00

    Kindest Regards

    • Deepest apologies, I have decided to change cart software and currently in the process of moving all the products and downloads over to the new shop system. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.


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