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Good morning beautiful world, welcome to another instalment of wednesdayWISDOM, the epic series of quotes specially curated to inspire your digiscrapping creativity.

This week’s quote is one from Joyce Meyer who’s life work revolves around christian ministry:

A #2 pencil
and a dream
can take you anywhere.
~ Joyce Meyer



Again I am challenging myself to look deep into this quote and to help me with this week’s challenge I did a little background reading about Joyce Meyer on her Wikipedia entry.

Upon the first reading of this quote on the net, my attention was fully arrested; I was deeply curious to understand what Mrs Meyer meant. Obviously, unable to engage in a face-to-face conversation with her, I am left to make my own interpretation and find my own meaning … which is the purpose of these exercises in any case.

What immediately sprang to mind was the epic journey that my sons and I were blessed to experience travelling around Australia. The journey was born from the desire to visit the Australian capital to learn in-situ about the political and government systems here in Australia as part of our home education program.


Digital Scrapbook Layout: Canberra Field Trip

Canberra Field Trip


Seriously, this is exactly how it started!

With a vision, my notebook and this half-worn-down and slightly chewed stub of a pencil.

The dream that I had of taking my sons to visit Canberra was so strong that it became irresistible, and whilst we didn’t exactly fly to Canberra and stay in a hotel in luxurious comfort … what we did experience was so much more fulfilling.

We drove 30,000+km overland seeing sites, meeting people, experiencing life and doing things that are missed when travelling by air.

I have said it before and I will say it again: as an artist, I make special efforts to challenge myself every step of my journey in life. Sometimes I fail dismally; that is part of the human condition.

I learn though; I learn deeply.

And then I try again tomorrow to do better than I did yesterday.

On the roadtrip I grew spiritually way beyond my wildest dreams; I am still growing from that journey, struggling to find grace in my everyday.

Our roadtrip was definitely a success in its own right. I now wonder how much of the desire to do the figure-8 lap was born from my own very deep need to trigger a deep change in my life.

I have heard some people refer to Perth as “very conscious”. I have learned that being “conscious” does not give license to being consciousless or engaging in unconscionable behaviour at any level; tolerating such behaviour in others is even worse. THAT is exactly where the grace and the light is striving to transform my life.


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Updated 20 April 2021:
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What is your response to this quote from Joyce Meyer? How does it make you feel? What thoughts are triggered when you read these words? I would love to know! Please post a comment here with a link to your layout, wherever it may be located, or send me a private message.

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This #quote got me reflecting deeply on the power of dreams. Visit the blog and share what thoughts are prompted for you by Meyer’s words.


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