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Welcome back to wednesdayWISDOM, a series of inspiration pieces to help you get some digiscrapping moxie on during this #SocialDistancing phase of our lives.

First though, I would like to take a moment to remember my Mother who passed away on this day 19 years ago. I still miss you with all my heart Mum.

This week’s quote is one from Jim Rohn, a well known inspirational speaker and thought leader of last century who left behind quite a legacy of work:

Dreams get you started.
keeps you going.
~ Jim Rohn



When I was learning about Rohn and his life’s work it was interesting to see the roll of eminent inspirational leaders that he taught and worked with who are still very active today.

In particular Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield stand out for me personally from the ranks of Rohn’s protégés … with what’s happening in the world right now, I think that we can all use a good serve of Chicken Soup for the Soul right about now!

The quote that we are looking at today is both simple and profound. For me, the message is simply that the dream is the spark that ignites the effort but the effort will peter out and die unless there is a strength of purpose and determination to keep going.

How apropos!

Today of all days I need this reminder!!!

There has been a minor car-tastrophe in the nature of an equipment dysfunction: the bloody solar panel on my vehicle has not been charging my batteries enough because of the changed angle of the sun and now my battery system is seriously depleted!

The result of this, right this moment, I have extreme limits on capacity to run my laptop and so my work time in photoshop yesterday and today has been axed down to a bare minimum to allow the system time to recharge.

Still … keeping … on … going … step … after … faltering … step!

This minor car-tastophe has reminded me of an old colleague who used to always have the attitude of “there are no problems, only solution opportunities”.

That mindset has stuck with me like glue over the years.

The positive spin: this has made me rethink how I am using the limited electrical resources that I have at my disposal right now … and … I’m actually planning a digital layout by doing a hand drawn sketch first!

Who woulda guessed that would have ever happened! 😆

I am also put in mind of one of my designing mentors from the early days of when I started the designing gig, Tandika Star.

Tandika’s art has always inspired me; she taught me a formula for success in the arts that contains three key ingredients:

Talent ~ Tenacity ~ Technique

THAT also has always stuck with me!

Discipline to continue creating against all odds.

And then my #1 Girl Crush aka JK Rowling posted this link on Twitter about writing. Wow!

Over the years I have very reluctantly stepped back and even pulled out of designing … several times even. I have always come back to it though; it must be in my blood as they say.

So …

Lesson learned: I love what I do and I do what I love, so I need to stick with it!

So pulling my thoughts together, what is my inner dialogue today about discipline?

I’m still here. I’m ok. No one died … always a good thing! The bloody solar panel IS working and I learned something new about how to use it properly. I am still working and I have learned another way how to work smarter within my overarching design work flows.

Right now, this minute I haven’t yet started the layout inspired by Rohn’s words … but … after drafting the sketch, I see it in vivid mind’s eye colour, I just need the electricity to create it.

So, from now onwards and forever more I promise myself that if I start to waver in my resolve to achieve my dream due to some type of impediment, all I need do is step back, sleep on it and look for the solution tomorrow.


Digital Scrapbook Layout: The Great Cartastrophe of 2020
Digital Scrapbook Layout: The Great Cartastrophe of 2020



Dhoh! Solar panels! Who needs the ruddy things anyways!?!

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As a digital artisan the drive to transcend the tangible is a bright light for inspiration to spring forth. I hope that you also can gain insight and deeper self-knowledge in your own unique way from this quote challenge.

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Updated 20 April 2021:
FREEbie downloads of this set are now finished. Thank you for your interest.


What is your response to this quote from Jim Rohn? How does it make you feel? What thoughts are triggered when you read these words? I would love to know! Please post a comment here with a link to your layout, wherever it may be located, or send me a private message.

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  • All the quotes used have been sourced from the free online compendium of quotations at with gratitude.

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