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Good morning world, welcome again to wednesdayWISDOM, a series of inspiration pieces to help you get with your scrapping as this #SocialDistancing phase of our lives continues.

This week’s quote is one from an unknown author … which leaves me in a little bit of a quandary given that I love learning about famous people:

When you find a dream inside your heart,
don’t let it go. Dreams are tiny seeds
from which beautiful tomorrow grows.
~ Author Unknown



Oddly enough this quote seems to have found its way into the realm of romantic good night text messaging. It is also mostly found in connection with Buddhist belief systems. So without further information around this quote I am reflecting on it from the perspective of Buddhist teachings.

What is the Buddha trying to tell us?

Thinking about it from this perspective, it reminds me to nurture the dreams that I have safely nestled in my heart. And what does to nurture my dreams mean to me, it means to give great care, compassion, consideration and thoughtfulness to every step on the path that I take.

Some keywords for nurture: bring-up, care for, provide for, take care of, attend to, look after, rear, support, raise, foster, parent, mother, tend, feed, nourish, provender, help, encourage the development of, promote, stimulate, develop, cultivate, further, advocate, boost, forward, contribute to, be conducive to, assist, help, aid, abet, strengthen, advantage, fuel, cherish a hope / belief / ambition, boosting, furtherance, advancement, upbringing, education, training …

Every one of these keyword concepts implies the creation and enlargening of ever new forms; the seed bursting forth as the result of an action that encourages it to do so. I found a beautifully written article by Cynthia Wong on* that lists ten ways to nurture a dream … in a peculiar way I felt child-like as I was reading it, almost as though I am that child in her classroom eagerly awaiting her encouragement and teaching.

And then a personal stumbling block revealed; this morning I again found myself reacting in a negative way to a situation that need not have been a problem, and yet it was … I found myself feeling as though learning how to trust people again is something that I may never be able to achieve.

And then – boom! – I was gifted with a van so that I can build myself a new mobile home.

Wow! The gift has kind of brought me close to the point of overwhelm. (Edited to add: this van did not work out at all, hence the overwhelm that resulted. But, as they say, it is the intention behind an action that is most telling.) An i Heart u emoji

So faced with that learning I am now feeling … what? I just don’t know right now apart from that I am confident and also completely unsure of what to do next.

From a purely pragmatic standpoint however, step by step I will commence building the van out … starting first thing tomorrow morning … after a good night’s sleep … and a full pot of coffee! 8D

So all this prompted this week’s layout; I jotted down the journaling for it immediately before the van arrived … literally! Not going to rethink this emotional howling of words because, as they say, everything happens for a reason. They also say: don’t second guess yourself when writing, just hit publish because you wrote that sh!t down for a reason. 8D


Digital Scrapbook Layout: New England National Park

New England National Park

Layout Credits:


Also, whilst I was searching out ideas around this quote and the concept and action of nurturing I came across a fascinating interview by Gail Lynne Goodwin of** with Guy Laliberté, Cirque du Soleil founder and CEO. The synchronicities of that are actually quite astonishing, and be that as it may, the power of the belief in his personal vision is crystal clear and shines through every word that Laliberté speaks.

I will persist in my efforts of steadily working towards achieving the great dream that I have in my heart.

Today I also I stumbled upon a prayer at the end of a daily devotional*** that I love. i Heart u  I’ve adapted it to become my own in the form of an affirmation:

I bow my head in gratitude for the divine inspiration within me;
inspiration that imbues me with the wisdom and strength of purpose
to lovingly nurture and grow the dream within my heart.
~ Anita Richards


It is my heartfelt hope that you too can find deep meaning and greater understanding of self in your own unique way from this week’s focus quote.


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Updated 20 April 2021:
FREEbie downloads of this set are now finished. Thank you for your interest.


What is your response to this quote? How does it make you feel? What thoughts are triggered when you read these words? I would love to know! Please post a comment here with a link to your layout, wherever it may be located, or send me a private message.

This post is part of our wednesdayWISDOM Quote Inspiration Series, the complete index for which can be found on the wednesdayWISDOM home page.

Enjoy! An i Heart u emoji



  • All the quotes used have been sourced from the free online compendium of quotations at with gratitude.

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