wednesdayWISDOM: sweat, determination and hard work

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Welcome back to wednesdayWISDOM, a series of inspiration pieces to help you get some diggiscrapping moxie on during this #SocialDistancing phase of our lives.

This week’s quote is one from Colin Powell who’s long spanning military and political career leaves me a little in awe of his dedication to cause and country:

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic;
it takes sweat, determination and
hard work.
~ Colin Powell



Looking beyond mainstream political rhetoric and searching for what I can learn from another human’s point of view, and as someone who prefers non-confrontation (I can hear many people laughing at that statement … time to think really deep about why I just said that) I am seeking to learn from a leader of some note.


Looking at things from a purely pragmatic point of view, Powell is reminding me that sitting on one’s hands whilst praying will result in zero tangible progress toward the desired outcome; the dream will be unlikely to come to fruition. I think that he means that effort must be applied; that one must roll up the sleeves and just do it.

The dream of course being the ultimate prize, the desired goal, the reason for doing the work in the first instance.

At the same time, there is a different school of thought that putting the dream out to the universe is sufficient to bring the dream to life; the believers in the power of prayer or the Law of Attraction adhere to that to one extent or another.

The magic is crucial for the dream to happen.

Actually, I think that in order to bring a dream to life it requires both the effort and the prayer. PLUS … a plan of action to get started, retain focus and move through, at the very least, the early steps of working toward making a dream come true.

In my own businesses over the years I kind of stumbled along with little in the way of a solid plan. I certainly didn’t have any sort of goal most of the time apart from to “make money” which is really kind of wishy washy  … what happened? My businesses fizzled and died.

Then I started following a budgeting plan to reduce my spending and bring my finances under control … the result of that exercise left me with less and less and less. Complete shrinking of everything in my financial world.

I had dreams, and my god did they come true, but they did not involve growing “nest eggs” for the future and so I currently have none.


That only took me 10 years to learn! 8D

So now leveraging myself and the scant resources that I currently have at my disposal, I am relearning how to have a dream that also involves bringing financial prosperity into my life. I am also relearning how to work smart.

In the layout I created today I have pulled out of the closet a photo of my sewing machine and some items that I was working on for the wearable art side of my business when I was renting out an office space.

My dream at that time was crystal clear … it still is.

What happened though was that I became debilitatingly ill and everything ended up packed into storage, except for the laptop and my burning desire to succeed … and a #2 pencil … my dresses and heels are in currently storage ready to party when the time is ripe … when the #lockdown is lifted … 8D

Today is nearly two years down the track since I had to move out of the office and I have recently started to feel as though I will never achieve my dream. Some days I have felt like totally giving up … and then I stumbled upon this thought



From now on every time I feel as though I am not working hard enough, that I don’t have a clear goal or I start to doubt myself, I need only remind myself of three key points:

  • that hard work and sweat does not always equal working smartly. Work smart!
  • that patience is needed to see results … Rome wasn’t built-in a day!
  • that I have already completed a LOT of root work behind the scenes towards achieving my business plan and personal goals that is only just now starting to sprout and become visible publicly.

I believe in myself; I can do this! i Heart u


Digital Scrapbook Layout: The Plan
Digital Scrapbook Layout: The Plan


The Plan

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Finding profound meaning in the wide world and greater self-knowledge is my mission as a digital artisan; it is my greatest hope and highest wish that you also can find deeper self-understanding in your own unique way from this challenge.


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What is your response to this quote from Colin Powell? How does it make you feel? What thoughts are triggered when you read these words? I would love to know! Please post a comment here with a link to your layout on Facebook or Instagram and I promise to take a look at it.

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This #quote motivates me to work smarter in everything I do. Visit the blog and let me know what thoughts are prompted by Powell’s words.⁠⁠


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