Welcome to Anita Richards Designs

Updated: 4:44pm Thursday 2 April 2020, Perth, Australia.

Please bear with the technical issues of some of the shop downloads not functioning correctly, specifically the .ZIP files larger than 30M are not downloading at all. Working on finding a solution to this problem.

Update: 8:03pm Friday 20 March 2020, Perth, Australia.

After much ado … and fuss and bother and head scratching and soul searching and banging of head against brick walls … AND multiplying time frames by a factor of four AND adding two hours to the result … finally the newsletter subscribers complimentary gift has been uploaded and is good to go.


Click the image or one of the Subscribe links to join the mailing list and you will receive the coupon code to download it from the shop with my compliments.

Done! Today my goal is to take down the subscribe pop up so that the site opens as soon as you visit rather than presenting you with a black and grey screen … which is actually rather gloomy all things considered … what with the coronavirus and all. 8D

In summary: the blog is fully functional, I’m working on inspirational challenges, bringing back sketchPLATE Fridays rebranded as sketchPLATE Saturdays and the shop is configured and ready to be fully launched with new designs … wow! I can’t believe how wild this ride is getting.

Planning on transforming this home page soon too … I am eager to present you with a beautifully crafted front page rather than this boring af post style bulletin page.

Have a wonderous and joy filled day.

With much love


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