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Some Good Old Fashioned Blogging

Sometimes it feels as though the world has just gone mad … maybe it’s because it’s 2020, and we all know what madness that means! Then again, maybe it’s because I have started spending a little time on Twitter lately. Maybe a little too much time.
So today I decided to change things up and started doing this…

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sketchPLATE Saturday 0005

After a bit of a break due to imbalance of power issues (aka my batteries are not charging properly) … welcome back to this month’s sketchPLATE Saturday! The sketchPLATE for June is a little more visually complex than the previous one in that the layering is based on four blocks in a grid on the … Read more sketchPLATE Saturday 0005

Featured Image: Next Designer 2020 Contest | Maybe Next Time

Maybe … Next Time

Well … for me the Next Designer 2020 contest is already over before it started. Unfortunately I got slayed because my downloads don’t meet the contest rules. Ah ok, no biggie. To be honest, I’m both sad but also a little bit relieved since the issue with power access has raised itself as a thing … Read more Maybe … Next Time

Featured Image: Next Designer 2020 Contest | Audition Preview

Next Designer 2020: Audition Time!

Starting up as a designer again, pretty much from scratch, has been a daunting experience at times. Apart from the admin side of things and re-learning how to write rich content blog posts for this new website, mostly I have struggled with re-establishing workflows. That is about to change; there is a special designer contest … Read more Next Designer 2020: Audition Time!

Featured Image: digiscrap-1175 How to optimise your layout file sizes by using .TIFs

How to optimise your layout file sizes by using .TIFs

Optimising the file sizes of your digital scrapbooking layouts is a great way to keep your overall file storage space somewhat under control. For ALL Photoshop users one of the best ways to do that is to save your files as .TIFs instead of in the native Photoshop .PSD file format. In this quick and … Read more How to optimise your layout file sizes by using .TIFs


Announcements & Website Status Updates

Update: 12:12pm Friday 15 May 2020, Perth, Western Australia.

COVID-19 Limitations: Currently I am experiencing power shortage limitations which are directly impacting production. To manage this, I am restricting wednesdayWISDOM and sketchPLATE Saturdays to once monthly only until the Australian winter months are over OR until such time as I am again able to access electricity in public facilities. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

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