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You: What is this “Digital Scrapbooking” I’ve heard about?

Me: I’m so glad you asked! i Heart u Let me explain …




For many people today, taking photos is as easy as clicking the camera app on their smart phone; it’s never been easier to snap off a few photographs! As a result, the vast majority of our family photos are now digital and the options are unlimited in how they can be used.

If you have ever used a photography app to tweak your photos, whether it be cropping, changing colours, fixing exposure or even adding cute floppy bunny ears and noses … 🐰 … then you have already started to dip your feet into Digital Scrapbooking.

Digital Scrapbooking is a special hobby dedicated to commemorating life’s joy through capturing, preserving and sharing important moments.

Digital Scrapbooking makes the process of preserving those important life moments starting with a mother’s first ultrasound picture of her baby, through to her child’s birth and the series of milestone firsts … first tooth, first Christmas, first birthday, to first day at kindergarten, to school pictures, graduations, weddings, grandchildren … the creative process of enhancement and embellishment of the photographs encapsulating those memories becomes sheer joy in itself.

The Slither

The Slither

This page marked a slight departure from what I usually designed that added another dimension to the direction of my scrapping style … as every page does when you come to think about it.

The slick look of the playground snake balancing beam in this photograph captured my imagination; I loved it as soon as I saw it! As such, I decided to go for bright light and saturated colour in the photo and on the page, teamed with lots of shiny metal pieces for reflective contrast.

Overall, I was and still am very happy with how this page turned out.

If you are new to Digital Scrapbooking this Start Here guide has been compiled to help you get started on the path of what is a highly liberating and even life changing craft.

I have tried to cover as many of the commonly asked newbie questions as possible … if there is something that I haven’t included here or something that you need more information about, please let me know by messaging me via the Contact page.

Enjoy! i Heart u


What is Digital Scrapbooking?

What is Digital Scrapbooking?

Digital Scrapbooking, digiscrapping, is a relatively new form of traditional scrapbooking or paper scrapbooking, first surfacing as an organised hobby in the mid-1990’s. Essentially scrapbooking, and by extension Digital Scrapbooking, is the practice of celebrating and preserving precious family memories and life stories as beautiful works of art. These works of art, known as layouts can … Read more What is Digital Scrapbooking?

Wht are the advantages of Digital over paper scrapbooking?

What are the advantages of Digital over paper scrapbooking?

The question of what are the perceived advantages of Digital Scrapbooking over traditional or paper scrapbooking have been discussed in digiscrapping forums far and wide many times over the years. Some would argue that it was just Digiscrappers using cognitive dissonance to justify and make themselves feel better about their purchases. NOT SO! With all … Read more What are the advantages of Digital over paper scrapbooking?






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